Short-lived Marathon…

Well, my planned mini marathons on Saturday didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Helping my brother study for his test at work took a LOT longer than anticipated. The sheer amount of things they expect him to learn in a very short period of time boggled my mind. Thankfully, the general manager at the restaurant he works at was much more understanding than the more militant, more junior manager who was putting so much pressure on my brother. I mean, sheesh, he can do the job and is very experienced but you’re gonna have to make allowances for the fact he had a head injury a year ago. It just takes him longer to memorize things than it used to.

At any rate, didn’t get any more mini-marathons in on Saturday. We did see Pirates of the Caribbean 2, which I loooooooved. And I didn’t mind the ending at all. Maybe because I went in suspecting something of the sort. I actually loved it when the person I wasn’t expecting to see showed up. =) And I’m leaving it vague to avoid any spoilers.

Yesterday I got in not one, but two walks. One in the morning with baby, and one in the evening with baby and daddy. My calves are aching today, but it’s a good ache. We have so many hills where we live. I also got in about 500 more words last night. It would have been more, but I got distracted by my brother again. Not that I mind. I’m still just glad to have him safe and sound and back home!

Class tonight, but hoping to get some words in today. We’ll see how things go!

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