Not So Naughty Writer…

[Cross-posting this to both my writing lj and parenting community.]

So I managed to sit down and write for a couple hours. Yay me! I word warred with the loverly and we both had quite the productive afternoon. I ended up with about 2500 words total, tiptoed over the 200 page mark, and hit 50,000 words. Making some steady forward motion in the book felt really nice. I need to try and do that both weekend days every week if nothing else. Of course, ideally, I would get at least a few hundred words on weeknights, too, but I’m not putting any pressure on myself right now.

Tonight is a class night so there won’t be words today in any event.

We had a nice weekend and husband had a good first Father’s Day. Zack and I got him a nice Ralph Lauren Polo Blue cologne set (his favorite mostly because it’s mine, I think) and took him out to dinner Friday evening so as to avoid the crowds on Sunday. Daddy picked Applebee’s and it was a nice time.

Zack is SUCH a good boy when we are out and about. He’s so easygoing in general unless something is wrong or he’s hungry. I feel so incredibly blessed! Saturday evening Daddy laid down to read and fell asleep so Zack and I went shopping. He’s growing so fast and really needed some size 12 months shorts (my baby is only 5.5 months old and can already wear that size! They’re somewhat big on him but smaller clothes are snug and just not worth investing money in right now. He’s growing so fast!) I stopped by Old Navy just to check out what they had but most of the things weren’t really worth the price to me. I did find a really cute hat on sale so bought it. Then I went by a resale shop and found several nice pairs of shorts and short outfits that either fit him now or will soon. He got just a touch fussy toward the end but, as usual so far, was a complete angel the rest of the time.

Speaking of the shopping excursion, it proved to me once more that I simply MUST get another carrier. The Baby Bjorn and I just do NOT get along. It doesn’t sit well on me no matter how we adjust it and my neck and back were aching when I got home. I spent some time yesterday researching various carriers and found a retailer near me where I can go and try some out and ask them for advice. Of course, they have rotten hours–they close at 5 on weeknights and are only open Saturdays until 2–so it will have to wait till next Saturday. Right now I am eyeing the Ellaroo Mei Hip and Mei Tais though I am not adverse to a ring sling, either. Hopefully I will find one I like!


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