Naughty Writer…

Guess I needed this week to recover from last week, cause I’ve not been doing much cept playing with baby and playing WoW. Planning to write today but first I am treating myself to a mani and pedi–desperately needed! I haven’t had either done since before I got pregnant–so it’s been over 14 monts now. I’ve given myself a few manicures at home but I am so looking forward to getting one professionally. I have pretty, long, thick nails and they do a much better job than I do. And the pedi–can’t wait for the foot spa and pretty toeses!

All right, gotten my girlie girl rhapsodizing over. Off to shower, dress, and head out.

(And no, I’m not COMPLETELY lazy, baby got me up early, I stayed up a couple hours, then went back to sleep when Daddy woke up.)


One response to “Naughty Writer…

  1. Okay, but when you come back, you’d BETTER say hi to me online! *g*
    I’ve started writing (slowly) so far, and I’ll probably break when my husband takes a nap to run to the store. I need 5k this weekend! Or to get my new MS up to 12k, whichever comes first. *g*