Signs of (Writing) Life…

I re-read and poked at the WIP yesterday, always a good sign. I tightened up some of the prose as I was re-reading (as I am usually wont to do), and made mental and physical notes of things that need addressing when I get to the revision stage. Overall I am quite pleased with how Reborn in Fire is progressing and I can’t wait to finish it. Still happy I’m more than halfway finished, but eager to get cracking again so I can reach THE END. =)

Planning to post recent pics of Zack on his blog soon. Man, I’ve really neglected that. It was supposed to be a place for me to keep track of his progress but I’ve been a BAD MOMMY! Well, in regards to that. I’ll try and do better in the future, though I can’t really promise anything. I WILL try, though!


3 responses to “Signs of (Writing) Life…

  1. Yeah, dude, where the heck have you been lately? 😉
    (Not that I’ve been like, gone or anything…)
    Still playing WoW? I started a new book, so I’m going to need some word-war action this weekend I think.
    Just sayin. Hope everything is good on your end!

    • Pot, meet kettle! 😉
      Yep. I’m playing an undead Warlock and loving it! Though I miss having a pretty character. Why do evil characters HAVE to be ugly??? Le Sigh…Supposedly a pretty Blood Elf race is coming but it’s taking them forever…And, er, I better shut up since you’re such an Evercrack addict. Don’t wanna get you hooked on a new one!
      Hey, I could definitely go for some word-warring this weekend. Just let me know when! =)

      • Hehe — I’ve heard about the pretty blood elves too, but they do keep pushing off that expansion, don’t they?
        I played WoW for 10 levels, though my character was the prettiest thing possible, but the game kinda boring (and most of the other players ANNOYING).
        As for word-wars, I should be around most of the day today! look for me! 🙂