Signs of (Writing) Life…

I re-read and poked at the WIP yesterday, always a good sign. I tightened up some of the prose as I was re-reading (as I am usually wont to do), and made mental and physical notes of things that need addressing when I get to the revision stage. Overall I am quite pleased with how Reborn in Fire is progressing and I can’t wait to finish it. Still happy I’m more than halfway finished, but eager to get cracking again so I can reach THE END. =)

Planning to post recent pics of Zack on his blog soon. Man, I’ve really neglected that. It was supposed to be a place for me to keep track of his progress but I’ve been a BAD MOMMY! Well, in regards to that. I’ll try and do better in the future, though I can’t really promise anything. I WILL try, though!

Some People Will Never Learn…

Grr. I’ve been an avid AWer (i.e. a member of the Absolute Write forums) for several years now and it really irks me that proven clueless wannabe literary agent Barbara Bauer managed to get AW’s apparently paranoid former host to yank the plug on them. Especially irksome considering that said host gave them barely an hour’s notice before they DID pull the plug. Kudos to AW’s mods for managing to save everything before the site was shut down, and further kudos to them for being such a wonderful resource to aspiring and already-published writers.

Barbara Bauer really should have taken a cue from the other 19 wannabe literary agents (I use this term loosely since I think they already ARE exactly what they wannabe) and remained silent, waiting until such a time as that list might have fallen to the bottom of everyone’s forums, websites, and agendas. Now she’s just made sure that a great number of people are going to do everything in their power to see that doesn’t happen for a very, very long time. If ever.

And here’s a tip for Barbara Bauer. It’s not libel if it’s true. And there IS this wonderful thing we have in the USA called the First Amendment. Perhaps she should look that up sometime.

Still Around…

Yes, I’m still around, but life’s just been crazy. And writing has been nonexistent. I’ll get back to it, have no fear, but for now it’s on hold. Initially I took about a week off because finals were over and I’m in the middle of a 3-week break before my summer class starts. I started playing WoW (World of Warcraft) again, this time a Horde character. It was a very nice mental break that I needed. But then a(nother) family emergency popped up and I’ve been trying to deal with that which is taking up a lot of my energy. And this week husband’s family is in town (they’re from Maine which is a long ways away from Missouri 😉 ) so my free time will be spent with them.

We will return to our regularly scheduled writing at sometime in the near future. I always do. =)

Zombie Post…

Er, not sure what I was smoking last night…maybe it was the exhaustion…but I totally futzed up that word count. I was at 175 pages last night, which means 43kish words, NOT 38kish. I also realized I had my margins set up wrong, so when I set them correctly it put me up to 191 pages. Which means I’m now at 47.5k words and almost 53%. Yay! I’m over the halfway point. *happy writer dance*

And now that the regular word count meter is working, here’s the correct, updated word count:

Reborn in Fire:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
47,500 / 90,000

Quick Bedtime Update…

6 pages tonight. Very pleased but very tired. New total word count is (ugh, normal word meter is down so trying a diff, not as good one. Have to fiddle with it for what I want this should be interesting):

38,750 / 90,000

Edit: Hee! Got it to work. Don’t like the colors near as much but it works!

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Tired Mommy…

*Jaw-cracking yawn* My, I am wicked tired today. Maybe owing to the fact I played with the baby most of last night and a good chunk of this morning. I don’t know who wore out who! =) Of course, it may also have to do with the walk husband and I took the baby on which, while only about a mile, involves 3 major hills and I am still majorly out of shape.

Speaking of last night, I managed to eke out 3 pages which translates to roughly 750 words. Monday (during a slow period at work) I got about 5 pages, so 1250 words. Not too bad, actually. My goal lately has been to do at least 1,000 words a day on non-class days, and anything I get on a class day is just bonus. So, so far I’m “ahead” of schedule, so to speak. Yay!

I would love to come up with an interesting or witty post, but am just too tired. Sorry!

Weekend Words…

I didn’t have time for writing on Friday or Saturday, but Sunday went pretty well and I got in about 2250 words on RIF. (Which did tip me up over the 40k word count. Yay!) The words came fairly effortlessly since I was writing an exciting scene. Total body count at the close of that chapter: 7. Hee! 8 if you count the hero, but he’s not permanently dead. *grin* I’m really having fun with this cast of characters and the magic system. So. Much. Fun.

Saturday husband and I spent lots of time with the baby and also did some necessary shopping. We met my best friend for dinner and she took Zack home with her for the evening so she could spend some quality time with her godson. We enjoyed our evening/morning alone and picked him up yesterday afternoon. (Course this morning I’m tired cause he got me up at 5:00 am instead of 6:00.) I did make time to finish the book I was reading, Anne Kelleher’s Silver’s Bane. It was enjoyable (though not one of my all-time faves), but I don’t really care that she wrote two consecutive books and then the third one is going to be basically a prequel to those. If I’m going to read a trilogy (or something I thought was going to be a trilogy), I want them to be in chronological order. But maybe that’s just me!

(Not saying I’m adverse to prequels, sometimes I quite enjoy them. I just want it made apparent that the first two books are supposed to be a duology and the third is a standalone prequel. That wasn’t the impression I got when I read the first book.)

Annnnyway…enough whining, eh?