Shiny New Stadium…

Last night’s regularly scheduled writing time was interrupted by an unexpected trip to the St. Louis Cardinals’ brand spanking new Busch Stadium. My best friend invited me last minute to the game when another friend of hers backed out, leaving a ticket just for me. It was fun and a neat experience to be at one of the first few games in the new stadium, other than the fact where we were in the cheap seats you couldn’t see a flipping scoreboard (argh, hoping that’s gonna change when they finish the unfinished section across from where we were sitting). Not to mention the fact it cost 10 bucks for a smallish hot dog and a bottled water.

On the positive side I got a lot of walking in last night, and even more in at work today. I am now down about 7 pounds in the last couple of weeks. Feeling great about that because I had seriously stalled out before that. Amazing what working out regularly and eating well most of the time will accomplish!

I have decided to send off a paranormal romance submission package to soon. I polished up three chapters, a cover letter, and a 2-page synopsis and plan to get it in the mail in the next few days. Speaking of which, I stopped by Borders and bought Elizabeth Vaughn’s Warsworn on the way home from work. Oh, and also Gail Dayton’s The Barbed Rose. So excited to read these books since I LOVED the first books in both series.

Oh yes. In the past few days I have written probably 1000 words or so to end up with the 500 words of the 2-page synopsis I kept, plus tonight I wrote 1000 new words on the WIP. Yay!


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