Unfortunately, illness prevented getting any writing done this weekend. Friday evening I was busy tending the baby and loading music onto my new toy for the gym. Saturday we were gone most of the day visiting my grandparents (who got an absolute kick over how much the baby has grown and how much he’s smiling now). And the rest of the time I was feeling pretty yucky. I won’t go into details cause they’re gross, but hopefully that’s all over now.

On the plus side, since I wasn’t feeling well I laid down a lot and got quite a bit of reading done. I finished up Cathy Clamp and C.T. Adams’ Touch of Evil (interesting take on vampires) and am most of the way through Susan Kearney’s The Challenge (which I am really enjoying).

Class tonight and tomorrow, so I’ll shoot for more words on Wednesday.


One response to “Blech…

  1. Kick some butt, girlfriend!…:-) Maybe your body was telling you that you were in need of a little rest, but I’ll just bet you’ll do great once you make it back to the wip…:-)