Slow Progress…

I feel like I am making slow progress, but then again I try to remind myself that I DO have a not-quite-3-month-old, have just started back to work, AND am going to grad school full-time two evenings a week. No wonder it feels so slow! At any rate, I squeezed out about 1k words last night after picking up my shiny new glasses and books from Borders (for market research purposes). Not great, but not bad either! So the word count now stands at:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
27,000 / 90,000

Hoping to get at least 10k done in the next three days, though that would be pretty miraculous since we’re taking Zack to visit my grandparents for a few hours tomorrow and I have homework to do. Still, setting goals is always a good thing. I will strive for as much as I can! =)


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