Oh Me So Boring!…

Man, my allergies are killing me lately. I was just miserable yesterday and felt like I hadn’t slept the night before even though I had. Fortunately I feel much better today.

I managed to get in about 1250 words last night on RIF, so that felt pretty good. I would have gotten a lot more but I was watching Pretty Woman most of the time I write. It came on and I hadn’t seen it in forever and I love that movie! Still, 1250 is not too shabby.

I’m hoping to get even more words in tonight. The trick will be to NOT get caught up by any TV shows. Of course, it all depends on how things go with the baby. He comes first! =)

Boy, I’m really boring. Heh.


4 responses to “Oh Me So Boring!…

    • LOL…that’s my plan. The thing is I usually watch tv while I feed the baby and husband cooks. Unless the little one’s not eating, in which case I’m totally focused on him. But yes, no tv for me tonight!

  1. Heh, I was doing the exact same thing last night–watching Pretty Woman and writing (and thinking about the fact that I have the dang movie on tape and could watch it any time, not just when it’s on cable!).
    Ah, the crud we waste time on…:-)
    Hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

    • LOL…great minds think alike, eh? =) I don’t have it on tape/DVD, but it’s not like I couldn’t rent it or buy it anytime! Ah well. The important thing is we ARE making forward motion.