Where DO the Weekends Go?…

Was very busy over the weekend. I did manage to finally top 100 pages on the WIP, which puts me around 25k words now. Yay! Only…er…60k+ to go! Heh…I made it to the gym on Friday night AND Sunday morning. I deserve a gold star! I’m actually getting back to the point where I (mostly) look forward to going, so that is a very good sign. Tons of baby weight to lose! Not to mention I just need to get back in the shape I was in when I lost 50 pounds. Felt so good about myself and my health.

I have class tonight and tomorrow so the likelihood of any writing being done is pretty darned close to nil. [Boring legal speak coming, ignore if you don’t care!] Especially since my hours spent doing research for one measly memo of law yesterday did not yield many positive results. I am still waiting to get a Lexis Nexis and Westlaw password and the freebie student version of Lexis Nexis just wasn’t giving me what I need. I’m hoping to get one or the other password today and if not I’m just going to go with one of the parallel cases I am not overly satisfied with. But I hate doing that as it’s not that blatantly parallel. Not much I can do though if that’s the best I can get!

There’s always Wednesday!


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