Back at Work Blues…

First day back at work after maternity leave. 😦 It was hard to leave Zack at the sitter’s today, but I made it. We found a nice retired couple to take care of him. The wife’s been taking care of children at home for twenty years plus they have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of their own so he’s in good hands. I’m trying to ignore the small nigglings of guilt and focus on the positives. It is nice to see my co-workers again. It is nice to be able to shower at a more leisurely pace and have time to do my hair AND make-up. (With Daddy’s help of course.) The time we spend together now will be even more precious because it’s less. My goal is to make it through today without crying! So far, so good.


I hit my 20k goal yesterday, barely. But the book is progressing nicely so that’s good!

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