Nother Quickie…

…Update, that is. I’ve written a few hundred words over the past few days, but today finally managed a decent 1600ish words. That brings the word count up to:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14,500 / 90,000


Also, as requested (and something I’ve been meaning to do anyway), I’ve uploaded lots of new baby pics. I’m going to add my favorites to the baby’s blog tomorrow (baby permitting), but if you want to see the entire album just send an email to kaitiana AT gmail dot COM and I’ll send you the link to the album on Snapfish. You have to sign up for a Snapfish account but it’s free, and a pretty cool picture site.

Oh yeah, major congrats to the lovely and talented for gaining a shiny new wonderful agent. GO ! I told you so! *gloats*