Time She’s a Flyin’…

So I really need to start posting more often again. Life is busy but good, although I’m not finding as much time to write as I had hoped. Still working on it, though. Zack is visiting with Grandma this weekend (his first trip away from us in 6 weeks) and she was SO excited when I dropped him off yesterday. So was Aunt Kelsey, my 16-year-old sister. They should have a lot of fun. Husband and I had a TON of fun last night…getting a full night of sleep! What did you think I was going to say? =)

We have a movie marathon planned today. Going to the cheap theater to see Harry Potter Goblet of Fire, King Kong, and maybe something else. And gonna have dinner like two adults later this afternoon. Whee!

Hopefully I’ll have time to write this evening. For now, must go help husband clean.


One response to “Time She’s a Flyin’…

  1. *laugh* Isn’t a little bit of freedom wonderful? Our 3 year old is going to visit Grandma for a week next weekend. I’m so looking forward to an adult dinner out! *grin*