Quick Baby Update…

Welp, my darling son decided to turn himself breech. Which is a bit frustrating since he’s been head down for sooooo long now. In addition my fluid is low which means the odds of turning him around are very slim. So husband and I are getting ready to head to Labor & Delivery so they can hook me up to a monitor and give us another ultrasound to check the fluid levels. At that time we’ll talk to my OB and make a decision on whether to do a C-section or not. Odds are we will and that baby will be here sometime early morning.

Part of me is really disappointed as I REALLY wanted as natural a childbirth as possible (and definitely avoid a C-section), but the most important thing to me is my baby’s health. So here’s hoping that all goes well.


6 responses to “Quick Baby Update…

  1. I’m crossing my fingers that he decides to turn again. If not– don’t feel too bad. The ultimate goal is a healthy baby (as you know.) I didn’t want a C-section either, but it all worked out for the best and I think it saved my son’s life.
    (In case you’re wondering who I am, I am aka Zippygirl.)

  2. Hang in there, girl! Baby’ll be here soon, one way or another, and you won’t care how he came out. 🙂
    Crossing my fingers for you! Yay!

  3. Best wishes, Kait! I hope he’ll turn for you. We wanted a natural delivery too and I was terrified of having a c-section, but our little guy wouldn’t come any other way.
    You’ll be in my thoughts.