So the doc put me on bed rest. I had a non-stress test on Friday and the baby’s heartrate was great, but my doctor wants to be cautious and that’s fine with me. My feet/calves are MUCH less swollen on the days I spend most of the time with my feet up. I had to go into work for a couple hours yesterday because my co-workers waited to plan my “surprise” shower the week I turn 38 weeks. Needless to say it ended up not being a surprise once I told them last week about the bedrest. The shower was great and we got a lot of neat stuff but at the end of the day husband definitely noticed the swelling was worse than over the weekend when I had my feet up the whole time.

At any rate, I’m going in for another NST today and my doctor’s going to be on vacation for a few days so I’m hoping the baby will wait until next week to come. If he doesn’t come on his own I suspect my doctor will want to induce me. At this point that’s A-OK with me since there are actual medical reasons to do so.

So that’s my boring update. Hopefully I will feel up to writing soon and have something relevant to report! =)


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