Well Looky There…

I actually wrote about 3 or 4 pages today during a really slow period at work. After the 2 pages I got in on a grad paper. Pretty happy with the pages I got. Heroine woke up dazed and confused in a burning building and was rescued by hero. Kind of a sweet scene. Of course, once heroine regains all of her senses she is going to be very wary of hero and more sparks than just attraction will fly.

Just finished doing lots of homework (thank God only this week and next to go before my maternity break!) so going to lay down and watch tv till I fall asleep.


4 responses to “Well Looky There…

  1. Well now, ain’t you just something?!
    A little at a time, a bunch at a time–it doesn’t matter really as long as the writing is good.
    You about ready to pop out that little alien? Lorna keeps asking how Ender is doing and have you had yours yet. We joked that maybe you were like elephants and gestated for like, 12 months or something. 😀

    • _I’m_ ready to pop out that little alien, but he’s not quite ready yet. My due date is exactly a month from today, although I’m hoping maybe I’ll go a little early. And bite your tongue, woman! 9-10 months is plenty. Erin DID have like a 3 month headstart on me. *grin*

      • Just further proof that erin cheats.
        One month from today, okay. Writing that down.
        I’m betting you go over your due date. Just ’cause I am a sadist. Or is it masochist? I get them confused.
        That’d be 1/7. Lorna’s birthday is the 13th. January is a lousy time to have a birthday. Everyone would give her a present at Christmas and say “it’s for your birthday too”. Next time, plan better.
        When she turned 50 our friend Lori wanted to have a crone party but neither wanted to dance naked under the moon in January. Lorna and Lori will use almost anything as an excuse to drink beer.

      • That erin. Gotta keep an eye on her!
        It’s sadist. Masochists like getting hurt, sadists like hurting others. Then there are the sado-masochists. Maybe you’re both!
        Husband and his father’s b-day is December 17th. My mother, brother, and uncle all have January birthdays, so it’s a crowded time of year. Nobody in our family pulls the “this is your Christmas and birthday gift in one” trick tho so he should be safe. =)
        Hey if you drink enough beer dancing naked under the moon in January is no big deal I bet!