So between the cold and being (just about) 9 months pregnant I am so tired I can hardly see straight. And that’s only a slight exaggeration. On the plus side my doctor’s office told me what cold meds were safe to take while pregnant. On the minus side it’s been over a week and the cough/cold is still lingering. Well, over a week since I got sick, not since I started on the meds. Then again, I do feel better than I did the first 3 days. I did nothing much but lay on the couch those first 3 days. Too bad I can’t be back there now!

I REALLY hope I am over this cold before the baby arrives. It would obviously put a crimp in my plans to breastfeed right away if I were still sick when the little one arrives. Not to mention making the whole bonding process harder, too, since exposing newborns to germs is NOT a good idea! Oh well, since this is the writing journal and not the baby blog that’s enough said about that.

Speaking of writing, it’s just nonexistent at this point. I have neither the energy nor the desire right now. But don’t worry, it will come back. It always does!


One response to “*Yawn*…

  1. You can nurse when you’re sick*. You might not want to, but you can 🙂
    *As long as “sick” is defined as colds/flu kind of stuff, and not something more serious.