Happy Holidays…

And yes that includes all of ’em. Just jotting down a quickie update. Still waiting for the baby to pop out. 😉 Hoping that it’ll be soon. Christmas was good, husband and I were good to each other without going overboard. We hosted our first Christmas at our new home, which was nice. And today I HAD to get out of the house so I treated husband, best friend (and Zack’s godmother-to-be) Julie, and myself to lunch (pizza) and then a movie. Chronicles of Narnia, which I loved. Very enjoyable. Now we’re relaxing at home for the evening. One of the things I got for Christmas was seasons 1-3 of Charmed so we’re watching a Charmed marathon now.

And just biding time till baby decides to come. Hope everyone else is doing well.



So the doc put me on bed rest. I had a non-stress test on Friday and the baby’s heartrate was great, but my doctor wants to be cautious and that’s fine with me. My feet/calves are MUCH less swollen on the days I spend most of the time with my feet up. I had to go into work for a couple hours yesterday because my co-workers waited to plan my “surprise” shower the week I turn 38 weeks. Needless to say it ended up not being a surprise once I told them last week about the bedrest. The shower was great and we got a lot of neat stuff but at the end of the day husband definitely noticed the swelling was worse than over the weekend when I had my feet up the whole time.

At any rate, I’m going in for another NST today and my doctor’s going to be on vacation for a few days so I’m hoping the baby will wait until next week to come. If he doesn’t come on his own I suspect my doctor will want to induce me. At this point that’s A-OK with me since there are actual medical reasons to do so.

So that’s my boring update. Hopefully I will feel up to writing soon and have something relevant to report! =)


I usually don’t do these thingies but since erinkc was the first person to tag me (that I know about), I’m gonna participate for once. =)

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
1. Get a reputable literary agent.
2. Publish several books.
3. Will copy erin on this: Watch my son (and hopefully more kids) grow up.
4. Will copy her again: Travel– specifically back to Mexico and to Europe.
5. Become fluent in Spanish again.
6. Finish school for good. And get a nice paralegal position.
7. See my mother settled financially and content. Which means helping get my siblings straightened out!

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Complex math and science. Ugh.
2. Whistle. At all.
3. Put up with mean people’s bull$hit.
4. Become a chipper morning person. Double ugh.
5. Stop telling my husband I love him. Constantly.
6. Wait for my son to be born!
7. Stop procrastinating on schoolwork.

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Husband (or significant other):
1. His smile.
2. His sense of humor.
3. How much he loves me.
4. How beautiful he thinks I am–and lets me know he thinks it.
5. His strong work ethic, even though he calls himself lazy.
6. His strong sense of honesty, even when I’d rather he be less than honest. =)
7. The way he pampers me, especially during this pregnancy when I’ve needed it most.

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
1. Yeah, right.
2. Whatever!
3. I love you! (Especially to husband.)
4. Suuuuuure!
5. Mama loves you kitties.
6. D@mmit, Maddie! (Most mischievous kitty.)
7. Fatty McFat! (My pet name for Maddie. Hey, she’s 4 years younger than her mother and twice her size and most of it’s tummy! Don’t blame me, tho, we got her that way in May.)

Seven Books (or Series) I Love:
1. Used to be Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, still deserves an honorable mention since husband and I met on an online WoT role-playing game.
2. George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series.
3. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series.
4. Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series.
5. Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series.
6. C.E. Murphy’s Walker Papers series. (No, I’m not sucking up. =)
7. Mercedes Lackey’s Herald series(es), because they made me fall in love with fantasy.

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
1. The Princess Bride
2. Labyrinth
3. Legend
4. Pirates of the Carribean
5. Legally Blond
6. Ever After
7. Aladdin

Seven People I want to Join In Too:
Feel free to nominate yourself if you haven’t already participated!

Well Looky There…

I actually wrote about 3 or 4 pages today during a really slow period at work. After the 2 pages I got in on a grad paper. Pretty happy with the pages I got. Heroine woke up dazed and confused in a burning building and was rescued by hero. Kind of a sweet scene. Of course, once heroine regains all of her senses she is going to be very wary of hero and more sparks than just attraction will fly.

Just finished doing lots of homework (thank God only this week and next to go before my maternity break!) so going to lay down and watch tv till I fall asleep.


So between the cold and being (just about) 9 months pregnant I am so tired I can hardly see straight. And that’s only a slight exaggeration. On the plus side my doctor’s office told me what cold meds were safe to take while pregnant. On the minus side it’s been over a week and the cough/cold is still lingering. Well, over a week since I got sick, not since I started on the meds. Then again, I do feel better than I did the first 3 days. I did nothing much but lay on the couch those first 3 days. Too bad I can’t be back there now!

I REALLY hope I am over this cold before the baby arrives. It would obviously put a crimp in my plans to breastfeed right away if I were still sick when the little one arrives. Not to mention making the whole bonding process harder, too, since exposing newborns to germs is NOT a good idea! Oh well, since this is the writing journal and not the baby blog that’s enough said about that.

Speaking of writing, it’s just nonexistent at this point. I have neither the energy nor the desire right now. But don’t worry, it will come back. It always does!