Quickie Query Update…

The Knight Agency reopened to unpublished author submissions today so I quickly sent my e-query in (for the second time) and hopefully this time it goes through all right. =) Still anxiously awaiting responses from Kristin Nelson on my partial and Miriam Kriss on the 3 chapters submitted with my initial query. I’m really hoping that at least one of them (preferably both) requests the full manuscript. Ms. Kriss has had my package for just over 6 weeks. Since her website indicates you should hear a response in about a month, I may inquire whether she received it in another couple of weeks. Ms. Nelson has had my partial for just over 4 weeks, and her email to me indicated that it may take up to 2 months to hear a response so I will wait at least another 4 to 6 weeks before making any inquiries to her. I sent that package via Priority Mail with tracking (no signature required) so I know she got it. Just have to remind myself to be patient.

Just hard because I would love having either of these agents represent me.

I have a few other queries (no partials or fulls out), but may send out another few in the next week or two. I prefer not having too many out at one time but don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, either. Hoping that I will get the energy to work on the new WIP soon but we’ll see (since I keep saying that and preggo hormones interfere!).

Okay so that wasn’t really a “quickie” update but oh well!


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