Queries and Words…

Prior WIP: Sent out three more queries today. Two were online queries submitted via the agencies’ online forms. I actually liked that format because you receive automatic confirmation that your submission was received. Excellent. I am also putting a snail query (query letter and synopsis) in the mail on my way out of work tonight. That will make a total of 6 queries outstanding, PLUS the partial that Kristin Nelson has for her review. Hopefully I can get at least another partial request out of this, and maybe a request for a full. Must remain positive!

Current WIP: I decided to rework the opening 2 paragraphs of the Phoenix book and put them in third person POV today. I also got another couple of paragraphs written and think that it’s working well. This will allow me to write things from the POV’s of the other 3 Elementals if I so choose. By the time I get a chapter or two into the WIP I should know whether or not this particular POV will work for the entire book. So far it’s feeling good.

Gonna try and get some more words in tonight, but I have to do some reading for Thursday night’s class first.


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