‘Nother Rejection…

Received a form letter rejection from Ginger Clark of Writers House today. Had to laugh because under her signature it read “Dictated but not read.” I think they could have left that particular line off. Oh well, I just found it amusing. =) Not particularly bummed as she wasn’t really one of my absolute top choices. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I would have been excited to have her as an agent, but I am MORE excited about a couple of my other prospects.

Am really hoping that the agent who has my partial requests a full. And would love it if the agent who LOVES urban fantasies and accepts the first 3 chapters with the initial query also requests a full. In the meantime I need to figure out which agent I want to query next as I’m trying to send out a new query for each rejection, more or less.

In addition, I really MUST get started on the new paranormal/urban fantasy WIP!


8 responses to “‘Nother Rejection…

  1. That’s it. Be brave and face your challenges.
    Maybe you should make a make-believe return form letter. You know, like:
    I appreciate your response. I agree that we are not a good match, but I had to send out x number of queries and yours was next in line.