Partial Out the Door…

Finished making the edits on the first three chapters last night and composed the accompanying cover letter right before lunch. Ran to the post office during my lunch hour and sent it off Priority Mail. Figured it’s a free envelope and last time I mailed that much off first class it cost just about as much, so might as well. Also paid the extra 45 cents to get delivery confirmation. It doesn’t require a signature or anything.

Tonight I’m just going through the rest of the manuscript and spicing up the conflict and romance between the two main characters. Since it’s right on the cusp between urban fantasy and paranormal romance I wanted to strengthen that part of the plot. Having fun in the meantime, too. =)


One response to “Partial Out the Door…

  1. Just wanted to say congrats! I’m an occasional poster on Absolute Write and discovered you by way of your Query Letter crit post. I was very impressed and have been looking in on you now and then to see your progress.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!