Deep Thoughts…

So I wrote about 500ish words on the opening scene of Gossamer Flying last night. Still pondering whether I think it’s the right place to start, but I believe so. Also trying to decide whether I like the opening line of this one as much as the last one. Let’s compare:

Opening line of WAFT: “He called himself an angel, but looking at him I had my doubts.”

This line came to me in the middle of the night back when the plot was still simmering in my mind. I had to jump out of bed and immediately write down the first paragraph. I still think it’s pretty good.

Opening line of GF: “Nothing ruins a perfectly good day quite like the smell of decomposing flesh in the morning.”

This line did not come in a burst of divine inspiration, but I think it’s adequate all the same. Establishes the heroine’s snarkiness and sets the opening scene rather well. I suspect that I’ll keep it, at least for now.

Right now I’m thinking that I’ll world-build for the epic fantasy while banging out GF. I’ve decided I’m nowhere near ready to go on Golden Silence anyway, and husband is just so excited about WAFT’s sequel that I can’t disappoint him. *grin*


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