Queries Away…

Just sent off two more queries to agents who accept e-queries, mostly because the stamps husband promised me he has are still at home. I sent one to Miriam Goderich of Dystel & Goderich and one to Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Literary Agency. I plan to put together a couple more snail mail query packages this weekend and HOPEFULLY I’ll start hearing responses sometime within the next week or two. Preferably at least 1 or 2 positive responses for sending partials! =)

I also have a lot of homework to tackle this weekend, but do hope to get cracking on GF or at least get more plotting done. Assuming I can keep the laziness at bay!


2 responses to “Queries Away…

  1. You go, girl! Dystel and Goderich responded really fast to me (but it could be because they thought my query stunk, so yanno…).
    Still haven’t heard anything from any of the others? That sucks!