In the Homestretch Now…Really!

Tonight was a very productive night, wordcount wise. I got in just over 2,000 word, added to the 1500 or so I got Tuesday night. Of course, I’m “making up” words right now because I realized my margins were set at 1.5 inches instead of 1 inch, so my word count appeared to go backwards. But that’s okay! The plot is thickening nicely, the scenes are lining up to the rest of the sketchy outline I put together halfway through, and I should be finished within the week. Yay!

Soooo, barring any unforeseen catastrophes (hahaha, story of my life!), I should be ready to start querying agents within a couple weeks. One advantage of writing such clean first draft and editing some as I’ve gone. Revisions on this book should be MUCH easier than with my last book. Double yay!


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