Getting the Hang of It…

No, not THAT. Getting the hang of the query letter and synopsis thing. So far I’ve had two authors who publish in the same or similar genre as my WIP remark positively on my query and synopsis, with very useful comments/advice on a few things to change. Excellent, Smithers! I can’t tell you how much this pleases me since I’ve worked so hard on them. I will be putting most if not all of their advice into practice and believe this will only make them stronger. (Notice I’m not ignoring the advice of the nonpublished authors who commented, just putting a bit more weight on the published authors since they’ve obviously had success with THEIR queries and synopses!)

I also got a bit of work down on the WIP itself, and am gonna work on it for awhile longer now until the baby and I are too tired. Which probably won’t take too long, actually!

Oh yeah! I got a $10 Borders coupon in the mail since I was a member of the Waldenbooks discount thingie and they closed the Waldenbooks I went to after building a Borders across the street. We swung by Borders today and I purchased the first three of Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden books as well as Michelle Sagara’s new Luna. Looking forward to reading them!


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