Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Right?…

Haven’t really made much (if any) progress on the WIP this week. I just haven’t been getting enough sleep and by the time I get home from work all I want to do is curl up on the couch and veg. I HAVE managed to go to bed early the past two nights and slept MOST of the way through the night each evening, but still don’t feel completely caught up on sleep. I’m sure I will be used to this feeling by the time the baby arrives and causes even further sleep deprivation. 😉 Don’t worry, I still fully believe it’s all worth it! =)

I HAVE been poking at the synopsis and query letter for the WIP off and on this week. I think I’m most of the way there with these, though I know I’ll have further changes still to make. I’ve been working on these for months at the same time I’ve been writing the WIP, and I feel much better about them than the ones for the last book. I waited until the end with that book and it was just way overwhelming and hard to do. The ones for WAFT have seemed much easier and less forced to right. Not easy…just easiER.

My brother is back in Missouri now, and seeing him last Sunday was fantastic. He looks SOOO much better, is walking better (though still a bit shaky), and most of his memories have returned. He currently can’t read (says he can remember how but just can’t do it) but we’re confident that will come back once he gets to rehab. As far as rehab goes, we’re waiting for a bed to open up at the skilled nursing facility the rehab center prefers to use. So hopefully he’ll get into rehab within the next week. My mother’s bringing him up to my place tonight and husband and I are looking forward to spending time with him over the weekend. We’re going to take him out to dinner and possibly a new, major mall that was built in the time he was gone. I think he’d get a kick out of seeing it and we can do some shopping and maybe take in a movie. Husband suggested bowling but I just wasn’t sure he’d be up to that just yet. We still have to be protective of his head, and people DOOO sometimes slip and fall bowling. Trust me–I saw my ex’s 5-year-old boy do it and we had to take him to the emergency room for stitches!

Hopefully I’ll get SOME new words in this weekend, but we’ll have to see! I would love to finish this WIP ASAP!


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