Tomorrow Then…

Despite excellent word wars and progress of over 6,000 words, I really need to get some sleep. Morning comes all too soon and I have a dumb makeup class tomorrow. I am now 1k over 100k but hope to finish up no later than 105k…then I’ll try and trim a bit in revisions. But I will try and finish tomorrow or, not then, on Friday at the latest.

SOOOO close!



a boy! We had our “big” ultrasound yesterday where they took a bunch of measurements for the doctor and then let us watch our baby for a few minutes. We’re dealing with our initial disappointment that it’s not a girl (since that’s what we were hoping for) just fine. The important thing is that everything looks normal so far and the baby seems healthy at this point. From what you can tell through an ultrasound, of course. So now we can stop calling the baby “it” and start calling him by name–Zackary Shawn.

It’s such an awesome experience to see the baby in your womb. The little guy had his legs crossed at the ankle at first, wiggled around a bit, and had his arms over his face towards the end. He didn’t cooperate enough to move enough that the ultrasound tech could get a good picture of his spine so we may have to go back for another one soon. She printed out 6 pics for us, and my favorite is one of the baby’s profile from the side. He looks so darned cute to me! There’s one of the baby’s face from above, but it looks so skeletal he seems almost like a little alien.

Okay, enough gushing about our little one. I had a 10 hour drive over the weekend and class two nights in a row after working full-time, so last night I spent recuperating. I napped from 4 to 7 and just vegged for awhile before going back to bed. Hopefully tonight I’ll be more energetic as I want to finish WAFT in the next few days. I could conceivably start querying as soon as Monday, but we’ll see how it goes!

Let’s Wrap This Baby Up!…

Er, no, not the baby in my tummy. I mean my pseudobaby, the current book project. Yesterday was a _phenomenal_ writing day. I got in probably about 5,000 words, which is quite an accomplishment for me on a weekday. The lovely Holyroller slogged through many word wars with me to help me reach that final word count, for which I am quite grateful. She had something like 4,000 words when I logged out so yay us!

I am hoping to wrap this baby up over the weekend, but not too sure whether that will actually happen. I am driving 4 hours to Springfield, Missouri tomorrow to visit my brother who is in a physical/occupational/speech rehabilitation program near there. My youngest brother (who’s 14) is traveling with me and we’re spending the night in a motel there, then returning on Sunday. I plan to take my laptop but don’t know if I’ll actually get much done. Tonight I have tons of reading for school to do sooooo…like I said we’ll see!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
94,000 / 95,000
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Querytown, Here I Come!…

Well, not quite. But I’m getting damned close! I am now at 91,500 words and hoping to get a few more in before I leave work. Husband and I have to stop by the bookstore so I can pick up some books for class tonight, but I hope to get even more words done tonight. I’ll prolly run by the sandwich shop (they have my favorite soup on Tuesdays and Thursdays!) and hopefully get in a good two hours of writing or so. Seeing as how I’m edging into the climax now I might even finish tonight! If not, I should be pretty damned close indeed. Of course, at this rate I may end up closer to 100k than 95k, but since that was my original goal I’m not gonna sweat it too much. =)

Soooo excited! Can’t wait to get those queries started.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
91,500 / 95,000

Dangers of Writing During Downtime at Work…

Nice and embarrassing to have the guy you’re working for today come up behind you and read “writhing in agony” over your shoulder…out loud…then say, “Are you writing a romance novel?” EEP! No, not a romance novel, I quickly assured him, beet red in the face. He grinned and apologized for reading over my shoulder but now I’m mortified! But I do feel bad when there’s nothing to do and they have me working out on the floor rather than at my own desk in my own department…One can only surf the Net so much!

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Tired but Productive…

Started back to class last night, which sucked. Have second class tonight, which sucks even more. Well, the classes themselves don’t suck. Just the amount of energy they require suck. And, being pregnant, that was already in short supply! Still, I shall perservere. And try not to whine too much, though I’m making no promises. Hormonal pregnant women are allowed to rant, dammit!

I feel good about the progress I’m making on the WIP, at least. Slow off and on at work, so I got almost 2,000 words in yesterday and 1,500 today. Which on class days makes me feel very good indeed! And the latest word count update is:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
89,000 / 95,000
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