Rant and Ye Shall Receive (?) …

Apparently I should rant more often. No sooner did I write that and spend some time crying in the bathroom stall and moped around all afternoon than my mom called me with the first bit of good news we’ve had in a few weeks. The hospital finally found a place–here in Missouri–that will take Chris for rehab. This is SUCH a load off our shoulders! It’s a day program at the University of Missouri in Columbia, which is about a 2 hour drive away from St. Louis, but of course is easier for us to get to than anywhere in Virginia would be! The best part is that they have a full grant to cover the costs and we won’t have to pay anything. Not that we could afford to anyway! Since it’s a day program they will find a skilled nursing facility there for Chris to stay at during the night.

Now my mom and her fiance just have to get him into the car on Friday and keep him in there long enough to get him back to Missouri. Seeing as how he’s still insisting she’s not his mom–even after the package of pictures I overnighted yesterday and they looked at with the doctor today–that should be a fun trip!


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