Words, Words, and More Words!…

Well, this weekend was certainly productive on the old word count. I took Friday night off because, hey, I’m pregnant and I was tired after a full week at work. But Saturday I went straight to the sandwich shop after waking up and showering (and cuddle time with the hubby), and got in 2500 words on WAFT. On Sunday I did the same thing and got in 3750 words. By far and away the most productive weekend (and week, adding in the 2700 words I got earlier) of writing I’ve had in quite some time. So now I’m over the 80k word count and I should be finished with this baby in the next week or two. SO exciting! I can’t wait to begin my agent search in earnest. Now, the rejections I could live without…but it’s all part of the game! =)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
82,500 / 100,000

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