In the Homestretch Now…

I went to the sandwich shop last night and got in about 2,000 words in 2 hours, pretty good considering what a slow start I had. The scene I was writing is such a crucial one in the book though that once I got into it I really picked up speed. I finished that scene and wrote the first paragraph of the next so should be in a good starting position for tomorrow. I’ve made a schedule for myself lately of going to the sandwich shop on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays and that’s worked well this past week so I’m gonna try and keep it up.

Tonight hubby and I are popping by the YMCA nearest our house so we can check it out. Since we stopped going to the gym months ago I have just gotten horribly out of shape (not to mention all the weight I had gained back after losing 50 pounds a couple years ago!) and I need to nip that in the bud before this pregnancy progresses any farther. We have a gym membership but I really don’t feel like using their machines, as out of shape and pregnant as I am. So we’re heading to the Y since it has two swimming pools, a recreational one and a lap-swimming one, and that should be perfect for me right now. If this works out I want to try and swim Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (until school starts in a couple weeks then my schedule will change) and on the weekends. I am tired of being sore and out-of-breath when I’m only 4 months along so this should be a great change for me.

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Rant and Ye Shall Receive (?) …

Apparently I should rant more often. No sooner did I write that and spend some time crying in the bathroom stall and moped around all afternoon than my mom called me with the first bit of good news we’ve had in a few weeks. The hospital finally found a place–here in Missouri–that will take Chris for rehab. This is SUCH a load off our shoulders! It’s a day program at the University of Missouri in Columbia, which is about a 2 hour drive away from St. Louis, but of course is easier for us to get to than anywhere in Virginia would be! The best part is that they have a full grant to cover the costs and we won’t have to pay anything. Not that we could afford to anyway! Since it’s a day program they will find a skilled nursing facility there for Chris to stay at during the night.

Now my mom and her fiance just have to get him into the car on Friday and keep him in there long enough to get him back to Missouri. Seeing as how he’s still insisting she’s not his mom–even after the package of pictures I overnighted yesterday and they looked at with the doctor today–that should be a fun trip!

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Absolutely Non-Writing Rant…

Gah. It’s hard to find the words to express my frustration right now. Sometimes our government and medical system really piss me off. We’re in such a shitty place with my brother right now, and it’s really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He has financial problems out the wazoo. He has no insurance. He has legal problems from a prior DWI and another minor, piddling traffic offense that is so stupid I can’t believe they even pursued it. And did I mention he has NO insurance? He keeps getting turned down for programs left and right–it’s like he’s falling straight through the cracks and I don’t know how to pull him back out. Every plan we come up with seems to get shot down, and my mother has run out of time. She needs to come back home on Friday, and we’re not sure if she’ll be able to bring him with her.

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Words, Words, and More Words!…

Well, this weekend was certainly productive on the old word count. I took Friday night off because, hey, I’m pregnant and I was tired after a full week at work. But Saturday I went straight to the sandwich shop after waking up and showering (and cuddle time with the hubby), and got in 2500 words on WAFT. On Sunday I did the same thing and got in 3750 words. By far and away the most productive weekend (and week, adding in the 2700 words I got earlier) of writing I’ve had in quite some time. So now I’m over the 80k word count and I should be finished with this baby in the next week or two. SO exciting! I can’t wait to begin my agent search in earnest. Now, the rejections I could live without…but it’s all part of the game! =)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
82,500 / 100,000
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Writing Up a Storm…

Pretty darned good writing night yesterday, if I do say so myself. I wandered over to the new library in our new community last night with my laptop. I got in about 700 words of outlining for the last few chapters of Where Angels Fear to Tread, and just over 1,000 words on the actual WIP itself. Everything seems to be falling in nicely, and I’m determined to keep this forward motion going.

Tonight, since the library closes at 6:00 on Fridays, I plan to head over to the sandwich shop for dinner and some more words. Then tomorrow and Sunday I’d like to get in at least an hour or two at the library, more if I get on a true roll, and get as close to the end as I can. I hit the official 300 page/75k word mark last night, which means I have about 15-25k more words to go till the end.

I should have had this baby finished months ago, but real life WILL intervene!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
75,000 / 100,000

I’m Blaming it All on Elizabeth Bear, Dammit!

About 2/3 of the way through E. Bear’s Scardown (and enjoying it very much), but because of the way her book switches between past and present tense I now find myself doing the same thing when working on my own book. Unintentionally. Grr! Luckily I am noticing before I get TOO far but having to go back and fix the slip-ups is annoying. Ah well, at least Scardown has been really good so far! *snicker*

Of course, the lack of progress on my book lately can’t be blamed on E. Bear. Nah, that’s more the pregnancy and recuperating from my 2.5 week stay in my brother’s hospital than anything. Still, I sat down and banged out a few pages tonight and am trying to get some more in, so that’s something at least. Planning to make a small goal of at least 500 words a day (or 1000 every other day) until I get back into the swing. Also planning to hit the library or sandwich shop a couple times a week where I avoid the distraction of both the tv and Internet and usually get quite a bit done. I need to finish this book so I can procure an agent! Hopefully my dream agent, although she is prolly a longshot. A girl can dream though, right?

All righty. Back to the book then. Just wanted to get an update in!

I Read Way Too Fast…

So I finished Holly Lisle’s Last Girl Dancing in less than a day, and ditto for Wen Spencer’s A Brother’s Price. Really enjoyed LGD and absolutely LOVED ABP. I always adore reading new and interesting twists as far as societies go, and enjoy well-done takes on matriarchal societies. Both books were quite enjoyable, and I only regret that I read way too fast! I’m now about 150 pages into Jim Butcher’s Furies of Calderon. Snagged it in paperback when I got the other books. After that is Elizabeth Bear’s Scardown. At this rate I’ll soon run out of things to read!

Felt like crap yesterday thanks to not getting much sleep Tuesday night, oh yeah and that whole being pregnant thing. Needless to say I vegged on the couch and didn’t get any writing done. I also went to bed about 8:30 which was really good for my body. Planning to hopefully make up for this with lots of words this weekend, but we’ll see how things go. I’m honestly still recuperating from the 2.5 weeks living out of the hospital waiting rooms!

My brother continues to do well, although is still confused off and on. We also have a whole bunch of legal issues and financial matters to deal with for him…The fact that he doesn’t have insurance is a big owie. We’re hoping to get him on Social Security disability and, more importantly, Medicaid, but the complicated issue is that he now lives in Virginia but we need to bring him back home to Missouri since all his family that can take care of him lives here. My aunt is an RN and she has some social worker friends so hopefully we can get everything squared away. Don’t get me wrong–I’m exceedingly grateful he’s doing so well! This is just a lot of stress for me to deal with when pregnant…but we’re pulling together as a family and coping.

Nothing’s more important to me than family and friends. Nothing. Not even getting published. =)