Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…Keep That Novel Rolling…ROLLING…

Er, yeah…lame title but what do you expect? All my available creativity is being channeled into finishing the novel and polishing my synopsis and query letter. I’m lucky there’s anything left at all! Speaking of the novel, I have been sneaking in 500 words here and there over the past few days and feel a great sense of accomplishment. So much better than feeling like a slacker! Now if I can just decide whether to keep calling it an urban fantasy or a paranormal romance…Ah well, I’ll let future agent worry about that! Yeah, once I get one!

The loverly nitpicked the last draft of my query letter and synopsis for me and I spent some time this morning (slow at work – shhhh!) polishing them up. I sent her the latest version of them, but if any other writerly types I am at least somewhat acquainted with would like to take a peek and let me know what they think I would greatly appreciate it. My goal is to have those two whipped into a highly-polished sheen by the time I finish the book and head into edits. Fortunately, I have been writing such clean copy (and plotted so well ahead of time for once!) that the editing stage shouldn’t take nearly as long as last time. Um, considering that I _still_ haven’t finished reworking “Vessel of Dreams” that should tell you something!

All right, now to make it through the last 3 hours before I leave for my first ultrasound. Hopefully I’ll have baby’s first picture to post soon! (And no calling her an alien, either! 😉 )


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