Shitty, Shitty, Shitty Week…

(Finally got Internet access for a bit from out of state…)

This week has been absolutely shitty, for one major, horrible reason. My brother, who the family hadn’t heard from in two years, was in an awful accident almost a week ago. He fell off a balcony after the railing gave way, falling 14 feet headfirst and landing on a patch of concrete. His ex-wife managed to get ahold of my uncle who informed my mother and me, and I immediately bought plane tickets to Virginia for my mother, sister, and myself. We were told that he was in critical condition and had been through brain surgery and probably wouldn’t make it. (Well, my aunt told ME that last bit, but not my mother. She knew that Mom would need me and that I would be strong for her.) The trip here was nightmarish. The soonest I could get us a flight was 2:35 p.m. and there were no direct flights to Norfolk, so we had to fly first to Atlanta. Of COURSE we had a weather delay on BOTH ends of the Atlanta leg, which meant we got in two hours later than we should have. By this time my mother was pretty panicky, and she also had a very bad reaction to both landings. I thought she was going to pass out, she had such a bad stabbing pain in her head. I think she must have an inner ear thing or something. At any rate, we FINALLY made it and got to see Chris, but damn was it tough…

It’s an absolute MIRACLE that he survived. Seeing him on the ventilator and with all the tubes in him and as banged up as he was…Very difficult. Right now we’re playing a waiting game. He definitely suffered some brain damage, but nobody can tell us how severe it will be or how much he will recover. The past few days the swelling on his brain was holding steady, but it’s gone up a bit lately. They had to remove a big chunk of his skull on the left side to allow relief for the pressure, but the neurosurgeon told my mom today that the swelling could conceivably go on for 5 to 6 weeks–which was very scary! We thought that since he made it through the first 6 days so well that he was out of the woods at least as far as the brain swelling goes. No such luck. We’re just gonna hope and pray that he makes it through this as well as he’s made it through everything else. He has youth on his side–he’s only 25. Of course, that only makes all this harder. My mother lost our father when he was only 22…he died in a car accident when I was just over 2 and she was pregnant with Chris. And Chris is now the spitting image of Daddy…the older he gets the more he looks like him! Now we’re terrified we’re going to lose him at such a tragically young age…And even if he survives we’re not guaranteed to get our “boy” back…

Then add in the fact he has no insurance–he got discharged from the Navy two years ago–and he has a couple other issues needing to be taken care of. This is all a very, very tragic situation. The worst part is my mom and I feared this would happen–that we wouldn’t track Chris down again till someone in the family died–or he got seriously injured or killed himself. The only solace I can draw is knowing that he had recently started searching for us to get back in contact with us…And that I got here in time to spend time with him, and tell him that he’s going to be an uncle in 6 months–if only he can hold on and fight through. Despite my fear of the brain swelling, for some reason I have this sense that he IS going to make it through this, and that he will surprise everyone…He’s always been such a fighter, and so stubborn…As stubborn as our mother…All we can do now is wait…and pray.

Please, if you pray, say one for my brother. He can use all that he can get…


Lions, and Tigers, and Demons, Oh My!

Hitting the fun part of the WIP now. Heroine has just discovered the reason why hero, Mr. Fallen Angel, fell from grace, and she is hella pissed off about it. [POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT–if you care =)] The fall from grace involved a siren, a sex-powered mystical who’s the daughter of a human male and a succubus. Though, it would be more accurate to say that Storm’s pissed off Mr. Fallen Angel saved her life with the help of said siren–which means Mr. Fallen Angel had to help her–uh–generate the necessary power to bring Storm back from the bring of death. Lots of nice conflict there!

The scene I’m working on now involves a traitor coming back to Storm and her allies and claiming that she had no control over her earlier action of betrayal. Seems she was under the coercion of a demon herself. So now the demons are crawling out of the woodwork, which means that we are nearing the home stretch of this book. Yay! I’m so excited about that! So excited that I’ll ignore the fact I only got a measly 260ish words written yesterday and that I have class tonight so prolly won’t get any more words today…There’s always this weekend!

I am SOOO not in the mood for class tonight…but at least I got my reading and homework done. Suppose I should go over my notes for the quiz we’re supposed to have…Just not motivated for that sorta thing today! *whine*

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel…

No, I don’t mean the WHITE light at the end of THAT tunnel…I mean the end of this book is now in sight. I whipped out 1500 words today, which is the best I’ve managed in awhile thanks to first trimester lethargy. I also outlined the last 10 or so scenes of the book and the conflict/plot is quickly building up to a boiling point. I absolutely cannot WAIT to finish this book! Then on to edits and, most fun of all, questing for an agent. Of course, the best part of all is just seeing how damned much my writing has improved from the last book to this one. Still room for improvement, of course, but the steps I’ve made in the right direction are encouraging. So yay me!

Latest word count update (taking into consideration the fact I “lost” a few pages’ worth when I realied my manuscript wasn’t formatted properly):

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
72,250 / 100,000

So…just about 20 k words or so to go! Easily doable by the end of the month…I hope!

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Quicky Update…

Much to my surprise and pleasure, I actually got in about 1,000 words yesterday during downtime at work. Yay me! Hero dropped a bombshell on heroine and I introduced another type of supernatural being to the mix that will really hike up the conflict between hero and heroine. A seductive, sex-powered being who also helped save the heroine’s life, which makes for even more conflict. Writing can be SO much fun! =)

Other than that, not much else happened yesterday. School for several hours, oh joy. Today we only work a half-day thanks to a firm golf outing for the attorneys. Shawn and I are planning to hold a movie marathon and go see 2-3 movies in the theater. I definitely want to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith, we haven’t decided on the others for sure yet.

Here’s hoping for lots of words this weekend!

Cautious But Hopeful…

I’m still around and puttering with the book off and on. I haven’t written much the past few days, though, thanks to a baby scare. I had my first ultrasound last Friday and at first all appeared perfectly normal. The baby is where it should be and has a strong heartbeat. Hearing the heartbeat was a really wonderful moment! For the next few days I felt more peaceful than I had in awhile (it’s just so easy to feel paranoid about every little thing when you’re pregnant!). Then my doctor’s office called me on Monday evening and told me that I had some blood pooled on my placenta, and advised me not to engage in any strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, or intercourse. They also said I should keep my feet up when possible. Finally, they said that the blood “should” be reabsorbed back into the placenta but that I should come in for some blood work to get my progesterone level checked.

Needless to say I was a basketcase that night and the next day! I took a personal day from work on Tuesday to get the bloodwork done and stayed off my feet the rest of the day. I came back to work yesterday (Wednesday) and took it as easy as possible. The doctor’s office finally called me late afternoon to tell me that my progesterone level came back good, 21.5. I asked them a few questions about it and now feel a lot better about everything. I know that, typically, when you’re going to have a miscarriage your progesterone levels often start dropping. I don’t feel like I’m completely out of the woods yet–I will be taking it easy and avoiding what they said to avoid–but hopefully everything will check out fine at my next doctor’s appointment on the 22nd.

I have class tonight so obviously won’t get much (if any) writing done today, but hopefully I’ll get some managed over the weekend. Assuming that all remains well with baby!

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…Keep That Novel Rolling…ROLLING…

Er, yeah…lame title but what do you expect? All my available creativity is being channeled into finishing the novel and polishing my synopsis and query letter. I’m lucky there’s anything left at all! Speaking of the novel, I have been sneaking in 500 words here and there over the past few days and feel a great sense of accomplishment. So much better than feeling like a slacker! Now if I can just decide whether to keep calling it an urban fantasy or a paranormal romance…Ah well, I’ll let future agent worry about that! Yeah, once I get one!

The loverly nitpicked the last draft of my query letter and synopsis for me and I spent some time this morning (slow at work – shhhh!) polishing them up. I sent her the latest version of them, but if any other writerly types I am at least somewhat acquainted with would like to take a peek and let me know what they think I would greatly appreciate it. My goal is to have those two whipped into a highly-polished sheen by the time I finish the book and head into edits. Fortunately, I have been writing such clean copy (and plotted so well ahead of time for once!) that the editing stage shouldn’t take nearly as long as last time. Um, considering that I _still_ haven’t finished reworking “Vessel of Dreams” that should tell you something!

All right, now to make it through the last 3 hours before I leave for my first ultrasound. Hopefully I’ll have baby’s first picture to post soon! (And no calling her an alien, either! 😉 )

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Oh Energy, Energy, Wherefore Art Thou Energy?

Crap…had a nice long entry started and went to look at the help file without opening a new browser and lost it…stupid LJ! Why can’t you keep my words like MT does on my other blog? *cry*

At any rate, the basic gist of it was I’m tired. Really, really tired. Lucky enough not to have morning sickness so far, so loving that bit! Tomorrow marks 9 weeks so I’m getting close to that second trimester and hoping the energy picks up like everyone assures me it should. Also, I am scheduled for an early ultrasound on Friday so looking forward to that.

Haven’t written anything this week. Last week I wrote about 3500 words. This week I’ve been too tired, and headachey. I took a 3 hour nap on Memorial Day while hubby was BBQing, and I NEVER nap during the day. Not stressing the words, though. I figure they’ll come at their own pace. Or rather, at the baby’s own pace. 😉

Oooh, I’m so excited! I picked up the loverly ‘s debut novel, Urban Shaman, last night at Waldenbooks. (I also picked up the fourth Sookie Stackhouse novel, but that’s less important than Catie’s book!) I promptly read over 100 pages last night because the book is so kickass and drew me right in. Yay Catie! I am lurrrrrrrving it! Can’t wait to finish it, although at the same time I hate finishing books I’m enjoying so much. It’s a Catch 22! And reading US is inspiring me to finish WAFT and kick it out the door to agents sooo…hopefully I can accomplish that sometime in the next couple of months!

At any rate, congratz Catie! =)