Words, Glorious Words…

All righty, so I’m writing them at work…Not my fault I’m having downtime, is it? Just got in about 1500 of them, and hoping to get in a few more before I head home. That means I am already more than halfway to my new daily goal of 3,000 words. Er, my new temporary daily goal, that is. I have 10 days between now and when the summer class I’m taking starts. I also have about 25-30,000 words to go before completing the first draft of Where Angels Fear to Tread. I can easily finish this draft if I write between 2.5k and 3k words a day. Easily doable. I just have to do it!

Husband and I usually watch CSI while we’re eating dinner since two episodes air on Spike TV every night after we get home. I will allow myself to watch those episodes–which will take me to about 8p.m.–but then I have to get in the remaining 1-1.5k words to hit my goal. Also easily doable! I am so close to finishing this book–and starting the agent search–that it’s past time to reach that goal. After all, I can’t sell this book I love so much if I don’t bloody FINISH it. Pregnancy hormones or no pregnancy hormones. =)


Saw Revenge of the Sith over the weekend. Overall enjoyed it. HATED the way Natalie Portman’s character got screwed. I’ll copy over the rant I posted in John Scalzi’s comments section on his blog:

SPOILER ALERT…posting behind the cut:

What ticked me off most about this movie was just how royally Portman’s character got ripped off in this movie. Lucas spends the first two movies building up Padme’s chracter as a take-charge kind of gal who’s not afraid to face life barrels blazing. Someone who could conceivably give birth to Leia, who’s the same sort of woman. And yet, as someone else mentioned, she spends most of Sith whining and crying her way through the film. Only to end up dying because “she loses the will to live” even though there’s nothing medically wrong with her…Um, WTF??? I’m sorry, but only a man could have written this. If a woman is giving birth to her child(ren) and there is nothing medically wrong with her (thanks to modern-day technology), once she hears those first cries of her baby NOTHING is going to prevent her from hanging on as long as she can to be a part of that child’s life. I could MAYBE have bought this if Padme were portrayed as a weak-willed sissy girl who only lived through her husband…but come ON. Not the Padme that was presented in the first two movies. Sheesh. I would have been much happier if they had just left it at Anakin’s attack injured her beyond saving…This way just seemed like one big contrived plot device to me…

Er, okay…rant over now.

Second comment to avoid sounding sexist:

Er…I just re-read what I wrote and I hope that my “only a man could have wrote this” comment doesn’t offend anyone…I honestly didn’t mean that to come out as sexist as it did…Perhaps I should have changed that to read “only someone who has never given birth to children or witnessed their own child being born could have written this.” That’s more along the lines of what I meant. Anyway…please don’t think I’m man-bashing! (At least, not in this particular instance.)


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  1. Just hopped over here from reading your comment about Padme on Scalzi’s blog. I am SO THANKFUL I’m not the only one who hated the way she sat in her room and wrung her hands for the entire movie! word up, sistah. *g*