Baby, Baby…

I’m SOOO excited! We’re going in for our first pre-natal appointment with the OB in a few hours. I am really looking forward to hearing the heartbeat and, hopefully, seeing the little bean on an ultrasound. I’m about 8 weeks along so we should get to see a little sumpin-sumpin. I think that this will finally make all of this more real for me. I mean, intellectually I know I’m pregnant. Hell, I’m tired enough and felt crappy enough yesterday for that! But just hearing and seeing my baby will definitely make everything solidify for me. Modern technology can be so damned cool!

Unfortunately, while I did write 2000 words yesterday, 1500 of that was making up for only writing 1500 the day before. See above where I mention feeling crappy yesterday. Really crappy. I fell asleep quite early on the couch because I felt so tired and–well–crappy. (Redundancy, anyone?) I am still very excited that I’m keeping up the forward motion so far, and hoping to make up for whatever words I lack on the weekend. Not pressuring myself, but also being careful to get in SOME words every day.


And Yet More Words…

Well, I didn’t quite reach my word goal last night…seems I underestimated how tired I would be yet again…however, I just tipped the 3k words mark so–goal met! Now I’m going to try and work on today’s 3k and see if I can hit it. I’m not TOO worried if I don’t get 3k each weekday, as long as I make up whatever I’m lacking on the weekend. The most important thing right now is just to keep up the forward motion. I WANT to finish this book as soon as possible!

So, word count update is:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
70,000 / 100,000

I am now officially 70% finished with this book. Wahoo!

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Words, Glorious Words…

All righty, so I’m writing them at work…Not my fault I’m having downtime, is it? Just got in about 1500 of them, and hoping to get in a few more before I head home. That means I am already more than halfway to my new daily goal of 3,000 words. Er, my new temporary daily goal, that is. I have 10 days between now and when the summer class I’m taking starts. I also have about 25-30,000 words to go before completing the first draft of Where Angels Fear to Tread. I can easily finish this draft if I write between 2.5k and 3k words a day. Easily doable. I just have to do it!

Husband and I usually watch CSI while we’re eating dinner since two episodes air on Spike TV every night after we get home. I will allow myself to watch those episodes–which will take me to about 8p.m.–but then I have to get in the remaining 1-1.5k words to hit my goal. Also easily doable! I am so close to finishing this book–and starting the agent search–that it’s past time to reach that goal. After all, I can’t sell this book I love so much if I don’t bloody FINISH it. Pregnancy hormones or no pregnancy hormones. =)


Saw Revenge of the Sith over the weekend. Overall enjoyed it. HATED the way Natalie Portman’s character got screwed. I’ll copy over the rant I posted in John Scalzi’s comments section on his blog:

SPOILER ALERT…posting behind the cut:

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Writerly Stuff…

Had some free time at work today (shhh, don’t tell!) so I worked on whittling the synopsis for “Where Angels Fear to Tread” down to 2 pages from its previous 3. So that means it went from 8 pages to 5 to 3 and now to 2. I’m so proud of myself! Amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. And have to do it…*grin* I also drafted a query letter which is currently geared specifically towards my number one choice of agent. Probably not too hard to guess who that is but I don’t want to be seen as a “kiss-up” so I’ll leave it at that.

It felt really good to get those two things done, and made me even more eager to finish this book so I can get it out the door. I felt pretty good about my last book–even though the beginning ended up needing more work than I could figure out how to fix with my then-current skills–but I feel a hundred times better about this one. I know that it’s the strongest writing I’ve ever done and I truly feel that both the characters and plot are compelling. Now to finish the last 20-30,000 words and start making the rounds of agencies!

That actually won’t take me long once I sit down and DO it. I’m taking my last final exam tonight and I have a couple weeks off before the summer term starts, so I hope to whip this baby out before then. Shoot, if I just hold to a 2k words a day average I can make that goal easily. Now to make like Nike and just do it!

Kitty Hijinks…

I don’t know whether I mentioned this or not, but one of the major perks of buying our own house was that we could once again get kitty cats. I am a major cat person and have REALLY missed having cats around. So Saturday Shawn and I headed off to Petco where one of the area animal rescue programs was hosting a pet adoption day. This shelter focused on dogs, but we were incredibly lucky that they had exactly–and I mean EXACTLY–what we wanted. Two cats–both of Siamese heritage. In fact, they were actually mother and daughter so already used to each other. It couldn’t have gotten much more perfect than that!

We promptly snapped them up and ran around Petco buying various pet paraphenalia that we needed to take care of them. Litterbox, cat litter, food, toys (okay so that’s a want, not a need), water bowl, food dish, etc. We also picked up one large travel kennel so we could transport them both safely to our house. Once we got home they promptly went to find a hiding place and we didn’t see much of them for a couple hours. Perfectly normal. Cats usually take awhile to adjust to new surroundings.

The mother cat is 6 years old and named Samantha. She’s a chocolate Siamese, with more chocolate than cream. I had to laugh when her foster mother told me what her name was–my favorite cat when I was a teenager was a Siamese named Samantha. So that made it feel even more like these kitties were destined for us. The daughter cat is 2 years old and her name was Maggie. I say was because I just didn’t love that name. I wanted to keep something similar enough that she wouldn’t get confused, so I changed her name to Maddie, short for Madison. She’s actually a black Siamese–the only all-black Siamese I’ve ever seen. I assume this means she’s less “purebred” than her mother, though I plan to talk to the vet whenever we have to take them in to see if he/she knows anymore about them. I’ve found a bit online, but not a whole lot.

Madison is DEFINITELY the braver and more playful of the two. So far, Samantha only comes out at night, and sometimes in the early morning. She’ll let us pet her, but she doesn’t hang around for long. Both cats will usually sleep with us off and on during the night, but Samantha’s usually not there when we wake up. Maddie on the other hand–she’s definitely more of a “people” kitty. I got up early to go to the bathroom and she pounced on me as soon as I laid back down. She insisted I love on her and worship her appropriately for the next half-hour, nuzzling my hand any time I dared to take a break from petting her. Then, once we got up to get ready, she kept stalking me, following me wherever I went no matter what I was doing. She sat on the bathroom counter waiting while I showered, “talking” to me as I dressed and did my hair. She’s SUCH a sweetie. Samantha’s sweet, too, just more shy. I’m hoping she’ll get braver as she adjusts, but I doubt she’ll be quite as affectionate and vocal as Maddie.

So yeah, I’m in love with our new kitties already. Amazing how quickly they worm their way into your heart!

Still Alive…

Just wicked busy lately. We moved into the new house over the weekend, which was very exciting! Our new furniture was also delivered and we are especially enjoying the new latex king-sized bed. Very comfortable, something that my hubby needed cause the old full-sized bed was way too small and hurt his back. I didn’t get any writing done over my few days off because I spent the mornings cleaning/unpacking and most of the afternoons recuperating and working on schoolwork. Took one final on Tuesday night and turned a paper in last night. The final exam for that class is next week, and then I get a couple weeks before my summer class starts. Yay!

As of today I am now 6 weeks pregnant and still just as excited as ever. So far I’ve been incredibly blessed to just have exhaustion and the occasional nausea. No vomiting yet, thank God! I have my first OB/GYN appointment on May 25th and am really looking forward to it. Hopefully we can get an ultrasound and hear the baby’s heartbeat. I think that will make it all feel more “real” to me! Husband is so sweet–he came home early Friday afternoon (I had the whole day off for furniture deliveries, etc.) without telling me ahead of time and he walked in with a lovely bouquet of flowers and said, “Happy Mother’s Day.” So thoughtful and very much appreciated!

Definitely hoping to get some new words in on the writing front in the next few days. My best friend’s college graduation is tomorrow night, and we want to get a kitty or two Saturday morning, but other than that I really hope to devote a lot of time to writing. And I definitely want to start walking around our new neighborhood–need to get back in shape again for the baby!

Unexpected But Welcome News…

Well, I’m announcing this a LOT sooner than I had expected…I’m pregnant! I just went off the bcp at the end of March, and husband and I weren’t actively trying till THIS month, but apparently I AM as fertile as my mother and grandmother. They both have four children and never had problems getting pregnant. For some reason, I had this irrational fear that I WOULD. Probably because I want children so badly. Of course, that’s not to say that I will prove as adept at carrying babies as they have, but I will of course be praying that I do every single day until I (please God!) deliver a safe and healthy baby!

You could have knocked me over with a feather when the test turned positive Saturday morning. I had been tired and experiencing flu-like symptoms all last week. I even stayed home sick on Monday. However, I really wasn’t expecting the result I got! I was a few days late for my period, but that’s not uncommon when coming off the bcp. The main reason I took the test was just to have peace of mind in case we decided to have a few drinks to celebrate closing on the new house. When that second line showed up I was totally shocked. When I showed husband the test my hands were shaking and he says my face was as white as a ghost. I told him, “You have to promise not to be mad at me!” The reason I said that is because I talked him into going off the pill a month early to get the hormones out of my system. I never thought I’d get pregnant so fast!

At any rate, that’s my newest and biggest development. I prolly won’t have much time to write for a couple weeks since we’re busy painting and then this weekend we’re moving into the house. Plus, finals are coming up! But I’ll update (and write!) as I’m able…