Countdown: 8 More Days…

till homeownership! Yes, I’m excited. Very, very excited. I just can’t wait to move in. Of course, I’m not looking forward to all the painting we have to do, but then again–the fact that I know we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, will make the painting a bit more fun. I hope! =) We’re planning to paint the entire first floor (it’s a split level and we like the paint job in the basement) so that is a LOT of painting!

Been too busy with school the past two days to get any writing in. I am almost finished reading Kim Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking and I LOVE it. Another heroine I can like rather than want to strangle a la Anita Blake. Woo woo! That’s always a pleasure. It also makes me even more determined to finish my WIP and find a nice agent and publishing home for it.

Did I mention only 8 more days till we close on our house? Oh, okay…I’ll shut up now. =)


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