Killing Time…

Just waiting for husband to finish so we can leave work and go home. Pouting cause I was reminded about the RT Convention in St. Louis next which reminded me that I can’t afford it. That’s the second convention in St. Louis somewhat recently that I haven’t been able to attend. So much for networking! Ah well, there’s always next time…I hope!

I will console myself with thoughts of working on Where Angels Fear to Tread tonight…I am loving this WIP so much, and can’t wait to finish it and send it out! I’m still trying to decide whether it’s more a paranormal romance or an urban fantasy…Ah well, that’s irrelevant for now! Besides, when I get an agent (when, not if!), I can let her or him worry about that. And the editor of course.

Hubby’s here!


Countdown: 8 More Days…

till homeownership! Yes, I’m excited. Very, very excited. I just can’t wait to move in. Of course, I’m not looking forward to all the painting we have to do, but then again–the fact that I know we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, will make the painting a bit more fun. I hope! =) We’re planning to paint the entire first floor (it’s a split level and we like the paint job in the basement) so that is a LOT of painting!

Been too busy with school the past two days to get any writing in. I am almost finished reading Kim Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking and I LOVE it. Another heroine I can like rather than want to strangle a la Anita Blake. Woo woo! That’s always a pleasure. It also makes me even more determined to finish my WIP and find a nice agent and publishing home for it.

Did I mention only 8 more days till we close on our house? Oh, okay…I’ll shut up now. =)

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