Schoolwork, Schmoolwork…

I must say that I haven’t accomplished much writing-wise this week. Not because I have been slacking, but because grad school has really kicked my @$$ the past few days. I had a _lot_ more reading for one of the classes than I expected, simply because two of the chapters were far longer than any chapter I’ve ever had in my college career. One chapter was 100 pages, and the other was about 80 pages. Considering that the first chapter was only 10, this was a really disparate reading assignment! At any rate, all of Sunday afternoon and early evening was taken up with reading for that class. Then I read the first 60 of 70 pages for the other class in the past couple days whenever I had a spare moment. And, of course, last night I was in the first class for four hours. Which all boils down to–no writing so far this week!

The second class takes place tonight. I may try for a few hundred words afterwards, but it really depends on how I feel once I get home. My allergies are acting up from our tour in the law library last night. We had to go on a “scavenger hunt” and basically dig through several decades-old law books and I am _very_ allergic to dust. I’ve popped a couple Excedrin and a Benadryl, and am drinking soda for the caffeine to counteract the sleepiness. By the time I get home tonight, who knows what kind of shape I’ll be in?!

Okay, this has to be one of _the_ most boring entries I’ve ever written, but I just wanted to get an update in so it didn’t look like I was slacking. =) Grad school just requires more of a time committment than undergrad did, so I’m trying to adjust my time schedule accordingly.


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