Every Little Bit Counts, Right?…

I’ve been sticking to my new goal of writing _every_ single day, even if just a couple hundred words. I got 1000 words one night, 500 the next (and on a school night, no less!), and last night I managed around 250 words. That last bit is rather pathetic, but I was busy chatting up my WIP and her WIP with . So, while I didn’t get so many new words in, I was discussing characters and plotting issues with her, as well as some query letter and plot synopsis matters. It all adds up in the end!

Speaking of which, if anyone wants to add me to the instant messenger of their choice, just let me know. *grin* I use Trillian so I can be on all four of the IM’s I have at the same time. I.E. ICQ, MSN, AIM, and Yahoo. I am more than willing to chat about writing at just about any time. When I remember to log on, that is!

Husband and I are planning a walk in the absolutely _gorgeous_ early evening when we get off work in about 50ish minutes. After that, it’s home to eat dinner and watch CSI for awhile. Neither he nor I really caught any episodes originally–maybe like 2 or 3–but we’re enjoying watching it semi-regularly on Spike TV. Which is about the _only_ thing I enjoy watching on Spike TV. *lol* I’m definitely not the target audience of that station. 😉

After that, I hope to get in some new words. 1,000 would be _wonderful_, but I’ll settle for any amount. The plot is really thickening in WAFT, and I’ve just introduced some new characters that should provide intriguing subplot possibilities. It’s time to start weaving some prior threads together and get my heroine and hero following the trail of the person or persons responsible for the murders of several psychically-gifted children. I also need to give a few hints of the hero’s past, as we know quite a bit (though of course nowhere near everything) about the heroine’s past. Of course, the hero still hasn’t told me exactly _how_ he became a fallen angel, so he and I will have to sit down and “chat.”

Hmm, chatting with an incredibly sexy, witty, bad-boy angel…I think I can handle that! Just don’t tell my husband! 😉


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