Holy Time Lapse, Batman!

Er, I didn’t mean to let so much time pass between entries, but sometimes $hit happens, you know? Last week was taken up with preparation for my first grad school mid-term, and then the weekend was occupied with family stuff. Needless to say, I didn’t get much (at all) writing done, so there wasn’t really much to talk about on here. The good news is I got a high A on my mid-term! The bad news is I didn’t get much writing done. =)

This weekend I have to do all my research for the paper due next week in Intro to Law, and write a good chunk of the paper. Hopefully I can fit some fiction writing in around that, but we’ll have to play it by ear. Obviously, school comes first right now, though just as obviously I don’t want to neglect the WIP completely. I think I can fit them both in–I’m pretty good at juggling these days!

Today at work is a benefit dress-down day for an attorney who was killed, along with his wife, 12-year-old stepson, and 2-year-old son, seven years ago. His wife’s ex-boyfriend (ironically enough a former police officer) apparently tied them all up in the garage/trunk of a car, turned the car on, and killed them along with himself. Very, very tragic, especially since the attorney was a VERY pleasant, nice young man. This happened before I got here, but the cause is such a great one–the money goes to the scholarship set up to benefit African-Americans in a local law school–that I contributed what little I could. It’s especially sad when things like this hit so close to home. 😦

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Book Mid-Point Meets Class Mid-Term…

I’ve been quiet here the past few days because I’ve been preparing for my Intro to Law Mid-term, which takes place tonight. Generally I do very well in classes (graduated summa cum laude undergrad last year), but since this is a new college and a new level–grad school–I am a bit nervous about the exam. I know I will pass–hell, I’ve been working in the legal field for 5 years so if I don’t there’s something MAJORLY wrong with me!–but I tend to set my standards for my own performance in school much higher than others do. Hopefully I will meet those standards tonight.

Since I’ve been preparing for the exam, I haven’t increased my word count by much. Still hanging out right around 42,000 words. Hopefully tomorrow I will bump that count up a bit, and over the weekend I intend to write fiendishly like I did last weekend. St. Louis Bread Company, here I come again! =)

[Today’s Secret Word is: Conflict]

Spent several hours in the local sandwich shop yesterday and today, writing up a (pun intended) storm. I banged out around 10,000 words in 8 hours and creeped over the 40,000 word mark. That means I am now just under halfway through book one of Psychic Storm. Hallelujah! I hate to gush, but I love these characters and this book SOOOO much. Sometimes I just shake my head because I can’t believe this stuff is coming out of ME! Conflict [*scream real loud*] is just bubbling out naturally every 4-5 pages and the scenes in between help further character development, the storyline, and conflict in general [*scream real loud*].

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying–the prose and plot is by no means perfect. I know I will have things to fix in the re-writing. But I just know that this book is so far above the last one that it provides an amazing visual that yes, I AM improving my craft. There’s just little else that can compare to this feeling. And I know–I just KNOW–that I will eventually find a home for this book, because both the characters and story are so completely compelling. It may take time, and my top choice of publisher may pass on it, but I have faith in this one. And faith is a wonderful thing, my friend.

I think I’m calling writing quits for the night, and going to take a nice toasty hot bath with my latest issue of People (my guilty “literary” pleasure) and the end of Susan Cooper’s “Dark is Rising” series. You know, conflict [*scream real loud*] on a worldwise, colossal scale. Hope everyone else feels half as productive as I do today! =)

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