Waiter, Bring Me Slumber…

Two nights ago insomnia hit me big-time again. I woke up so tired yesterday I kept dozing off in the shower. Yeah, I actually fell asleep standing up! And laying down after my shower…Ended up taking a personal day and slept fitfully off and on till noon. Then I proceeded to read a chapter for Intro to Law class tonight. After that I decided I would thoroughly clean because A. it needed to be done and B. maybe it would help tire my body out. So I cleaned the kitchen and the bedroom, developing a headache thanks to all the dust and being allergic to it. THEN I decided I wanted to further wear myself out by doing laundry when husband got home from work, since that also needed to be done. I got home about 8:15, we put the clothes away, and I wrote some more before going to bed.

Wouldn’t you know it still took me over an hour to fall asleep even tho I was exhausted and had taken a sleeping pill while at the laundromat? *laughs at herself* Slept all right the rest of the night, once I went out on the couch and fell asleep!

All told, I got about another thousand words in last night. Also realized I had been using Word’s word count feature instead of multiplying the page count times 250 which I prefer. So I’m actually at 26,000 words now which is over one-fourth of the way through the book. Yay! Prolly won’t get much words in today since I have class tonight. I plan to get quite a few in over the weekend though.

I do love how this one is shaping up. Of course, I’m sure I’ll hit a block at some point! 😉

Progress on Where Angels Fear to Trod:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26k / 100k

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