Chunka Chunka Burning Words…

I had a very nice writing weekend. I clocked in just over 5,000 words, which isn’t too bad all things told. I got in almost another 1,000 this morning, and cleaned up a few details that were niggling at me. I also got some positive feedback from the Luna ladies who agreed to look at my first three chapters, along with comments that will be very useful when I reach the editing stage.

I am _really_ pleased with how this book is proceeding. I honestly think it is the best thing I have ever written. Leaps and bounds better than Vessel of Dreams, the last book. I think part of that is just my main characters have such strength of personality and purpose. I had a couple key characters like that in VoD, but just about _every_ character so far in WAFT has really revealed themselves to me. And the fact that the heroine herself is the narrator of the tale kicks ass, since she is such a strong, quirky character herself.

That’s not to say there won’t be room for improvement in the revision stage. It’s just to say that the revision stage of _this_ book will be a million times less painful than the last one. I can definitely live with that!!!

Progress on Where Angels Fear to Trod:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,000 / 100,000

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