Where Do the Weekends Go???

I swear, three-day weekends are never long enough. In fact, I think they go by faster than 2-day weekends! I have no scientific proof or anything, but I think it all the same. At any rate, I was sick the first 2/3 of the weekend, so did little more than lay on the couch watching the tube. On Sunday Shawn and I watched a 6-hour marathon of Battlestar Gallactica so that we can start watching the series on Friday night. They showed the mini-series and then the 2-hour season premiere. I enjoyed it. There were some elements of it that I didn’t overly care for–IE that my particularly favorite female character is probably a Cylon–but overall it was lots of fun. We’ll see if it stays that way. =)

Oh yes, we also watched Elektra on Monday. Honestly, I didn’t think it sucked as much as a lot of people thought it did. It was oodles better than Daredevil (yeah, I know, that wasn’t hard to accomplish), I love me some Jennifer Garner, and any time we see women kicking @$$ I’m pretty happy. Except Catwoman–I have to admit the reviews for that were such stinkers by both critics AND normal people that I never even bothered to watch it. Anyway, Elektra isn’t like movie of the year or anything but it was worth watching, in my book.

I did get in about 2,000 words over the weekend. Not much, but since I was sick better than nothing. I finished out chapter three finally and have a good start on chapter four. I also passed the 10,000 word mark, which means I am about 1/10th of the way through the book. Yay! Now, to just keep on trucking.

I doubt I’ll get any writing done tonight, since I procrastinated on my reading for class. Hey, I blame the sickness. Honest! *grin* At any rate, I’m most of the way through chapter one but I need to finish it up, read chapter three, and at least start chapter four. Intro to Law–fascinating stuff. (Frighteningly enough, I actually mean that. Yeah, I’m sick!)


One response to “Where Do the Weekends Go???

  1. We watched the Battlestar Gallactica thing on Sunday too, and I agree with you– it was enjoyable, but I’m kind of nervous about how it will progress, and whether or not it will remain enjoyable. Brian said, “YAY! something else to watch on geek night!” since he watches star trek every Friday night. Woo-hoo, what an exciting social life we lead!