The Young and the Restless…

Another sluggish, hard-to-get-out-of-bed morning, thanks to insomnia. Woo hoo! Well, I should qualify. I DID get 4 or 5 hours of sleep, it just took me about 4 hours to GET to sleep and I woke up a few times during the night. Ah well, I’m getting pretty used to this now. At least I got a lot of sleep both Friday night and Saturday night, and I had a 2-hour nap yesterday afternoon. I very rarely nap, but yesterday I suppose my body needed it. Anyway, enough of my pity-party. I’ll make it through the day just fine I’m sure.

The weekend was nice. Shawn and I bought new winter coats on Saturday. I needed a new one because the zipper on my last one broke and it may be a bit before I can get it fixed. I got the new on eon sale for 45 bucks which was a GREAT deal. Shawn finally found the exact winter coat he’s been looking for, and I talked him into going ahead and getting it. He’d had the same leather coat for 11 years (since he was in high school!) and had never had it cleaned. I was like–I think you deserve a new one. It’s a great coat that will last you for a long time, so go ahead and splurge. He got his for 50% off, but it was still pricey compared to mine. He did deserve it, though. =)

That night we TRIED to take my mom and her fiance to the Funny Bone Comedy Club for a show, but it was sold out. 😦 So we went and saw In Good Company instead. It was a cute enough movie, though I thought the ending was a bit too open-ended for my taste. I won’t go into more detail to avoid spoilers. We wanted to see Hide and Seek or White Noise instead (mom’s fiance is a horror film buff), but of course even at a 20-screen theater there was only ONE movie that started anywhere near to the time we got there. Figures!

I got in a few thousand words over the weekend, which isn’t bad. I clocked in about 12,000 words for the week–nothing to sneeze at. I could have gotten MORE in over the weekend, but I’m not gonna beat myself up over it. I am now just under 30,000 words and looking forward to finishing this WIP and submitting it. Guess that makes me a glutton for rejection. 😉

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Waiter, Bring Me Slumber…

Two nights ago insomnia hit me big-time again. I woke up so tired yesterday I kept dozing off in the shower. Yeah, I actually fell asleep standing up! And laying down after my shower…Ended up taking a personal day and slept fitfully off and on till noon. Then I proceeded to read a chapter for Intro to Law class tonight. After that I decided I would thoroughly clean because A. it needed to be done and B. maybe it would help tire my body out. So I cleaned the kitchen and the bedroom, developing a headache thanks to all the dust and being allergic to it. THEN I decided I wanted to further wear myself out by doing laundry when husband got home from work, since that also needed to be done. I got home about 8:15, we put the clothes away, and I wrote some more before going to bed.

Wouldn’t you know it still took me over an hour to fall asleep even tho I was exhausted and had taken a sleeping pill while at the laundromat? *laughs at herself* Slept all right the rest of the night, once I went out on the couch and fell asleep!

All told, I got about another thousand words in last night. Also realized I had been using Word’s word count feature instead of multiplying the page count times 250 which I prefer. So I’m actually at 26,000 words now which is over one-fourth of the way through the book. Yay! Prolly won’t get much words in today since I have class tonight. I plan to get quite a few in over the weekend though.

I do love how this one is shaping up. Of course, I’m sure I’ll hit a block at some point! 😉

Progress on Where Angels Fear to Trod:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26k / 100k
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Chunka Chunka Burning Words…

I had a very nice writing weekend. I clocked in just over 5,000 words, which isn’t too bad all things told. I got in almost another 1,000 this morning, and cleaned up a few details that were niggling at me. I also got some positive feedback from the Luna ladies who agreed to look at my first three chapters, along with comments that will be very useful when I reach the editing stage.

I am _really_ pleased with how this book is proceeding. I honestly think it is the best thing I have ever written. Leaps and bounds better than Vessel of Dreams, the last book. I think part of that is just my main characters have such strength of personality and purpose. I had a couple key characters like that in VoD, but just about _every_ character so far in WAFT has really revealed themselves to me. And the fact that the heroine herself is the narrator of the tale kicks ass, since she is such a strong, quirky character herself.

That’s not to say there won’t be room for improvement in the revision stage. It’s just to say that the revision stage of _this_ book will be a million times less painful than the last one. I can definitely live with that!!!

Progress on Where Angels Fear to Trod:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,000 / 100,000
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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

Got almost another thousand words in this morning before work, which is EXCELLENT. Finished up the first scene of chapter 4 and am in good shape to start scene 2. Hopefully later on tonight. I may be going shopping with my mother since Famous Barr is having a winter clearance sale and she and I both have gift cards to use. But that shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. If she has time I’ll treat her to dinner since her birthday was two days ago. She hit the big…*does the math*…47! Only 3 years till 50. Man, the time just FLIES by!

Yes, my mother is young to have a 28-year-old daughter. But she has always seemed so young to me, and people have often mistaken us for sisters since I reached adulthood. I just don’t want to think about the fact she and my grandparents are now aging so fast! Considering life without them is just spooky. Not that my mother is old by any means. I just want to freeze her in a time capsule till I catch up with her. Hmm…there could be a sci fi story in that!

Annnyway, I have every intention of getting in lots more words over the weekend. Preferably, at least 5k. If I could get in 8k and actually hit the 20k mark, that would be _wonderful_. Here’s to aiming high and hopefully not falling short!

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Words = Good…

I actually made words this morning. What a concept! See, husband has to come in an hour early for the next 3-4 weeks, so I decided to bring in my laptop and hide out up in the law library. Yesterday I hid up there, but I was busy reading my Intro to Law text so no words were made. Today, however, I leapt right into the first scene of chapter 4 and banged away. I ended up with just under 1,000 words, so it was very productive. And now I feel like I have accomplished something good even if I don’t get any more words in today. Yay for words!

I have class tonight, but the plan is to hop on a bus and take it the 8-10 blocks rather than walking. Easier when loaded down with my laptop, textbook, and various and sundry other stuff. Plus not so much walking in the cold and, best of all, less danger from being hit on by weirdos. So good stuff all around. Best of all, I get off work at 5:15 and there’s one coming by my stop right around that time. So I’ll just need to duck out of work a few minutes early to catch it.

If we get out of class early at all this evening I may get a few words in later. I may be too tired, or we may not get out early, but there IS that possibility.

Where Do the Weekends Go???

I swear, three-day weekends are never long enough. In fact, I think they go by faster than 2-day weekends! I have no scientific proof or anything, but I think it all the same. At any rate, I was sick the first 2/3 of the weekend, so did little more than lay on the couch watching the tube. On Sunday Shawn and I watched a 6-hour marathon of Battlestar Gallactica so that we can start watching the series on Friday night. They showed the mini-series and then the 2-hour season premiere. I enjoyed it. There were some elements of it that I didn’t overly care for–IE that my particularly favorite female character is probably a Cylon–but overall it was lots of fun. We’ll see if it stays that way. =)

Oh yes, we also watched Elektra on Monday. Honestly, I didn’t think it sucked as much as a lot of people thought it did. It was oodles better than Daredevil (yeah, I know, that wasn’t hard to accomplish), I love me some Jennifer Garner, and any time we see women kicking @$$ I’m pretty happy. Except Catwoman–I have to admit the reviews for that were such stinkers by both critics AND normal people that I never even bothered to watch it. Anyway, Elektra isn’t like movie of the year or anything but it was worth watching, in my book.

I did get in about 2,000 words over the weekend. Not much, but since I was sick better than nothing. I finished out chapter three finally and have a good start on chapter four. I also passed the 10,000 word mark, which means I am about 1/10th of the way through the book. Yay! Now, to just keep on trucking.

I doubt I’ll get any writing done tonight, since I procrastinated on my reading for class. Hey, I blame the sickness. Honest! *grin* At any rate, I’m most of the way through chapter one but I need to finish it up, read chapter three, and at least start chapter four. Intro to Law–fascinating stuff. (Frighteningly enough, I actually mean that. Yeah, I’m sick!)