If you don’t read John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever, you really _should_! I’m just sayin’! (Unless, of course, you have absolutely no sense of humor, equal appreciation of wit and sarcasm, or think everything and everyone should be uber “politically correct.” In which case…er, you’re prolly not reading my Livejournal anyway!)


Writing went well again last night. I am loving this book _so_ much already, and I’m only in the middle of Chapter 2. The characters are just _so_ much fun to write! And I haven’t even gotten to the overly good bits of the plot yet, so this bodes well for continued enjoyment. Which means I should whip this book out fairly quickly. Yay!

Obviously, it’s by no means perfect and there are things I will need to revise. But honestly, this book is already scads better than VoD. And VoD wasn’t a _bad_ book, the opening was just…flat and uninteresting compared to the last 1/3 to 1/2 of the book. If things with PS (Psychic Storm) continue as well as they have started (which I just have the feeling they will), then I have high expectations for this one. It’s such a great feeling, and I think partially explains why I took the Luna rejection so well. My subconscious knows that _this_ book is going to kick the other book’s ass!!!


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