Productivity is Job One (Or Two or Three…but definitely in the Top Five…er Ten…Or So…)

The weekend was busy but productive. I finished revising the first three chapters of Vessel of Dreams on Saturday morning/early afternoon, and whipped (ha) it off to Catie. The rest of the weekend was spent Christmas shopping for Project Angel Tree (a charitable organization that gives gifts to children with one or both parents in prison–I am a personal shopper each year. The attorneys give me the money and I shop for 15-20 children. Lots of work but fun!), cleaning up, and running errands. Oh, and seeing Bridget Jones 2 with hubby and best friend. Catie generously looked over my proposal for Luna and got back to me with very helpful comments on the first three chapters.

Since it was so late by the time I got home and looked over Catie’s comments, I was unable to take an in-depth look at her comments/suggestions and implement most of them. That is on the agenda for tonight, after hubby and I get back from the gym. I want to finish revising the first three chapters as per Catie’s comments, and then get that baby in the mail tomorrow morning. I am battling my small quirk of OCD (I have a tiny bit of OCD revolving around even numbers – heh) by telling it that even though tomorrow is an odd-numbered date, that if you add up the month number 11 and tomorrow’s date number 23 you get a nice even number 34. So that’s all good and I won’t be cursed with automatic rejection by sending my proposal out on an odd numbered date.

Er…so…I just revealed that character flaw of mine…Um, I’m not insane, really! I actually manage my small OCD very well. And, well, it gives me an excuse to demand my husband never kiss me only once. Must be even numbers! MUST! (I am SOOO thankful that I don’t have OCD to the extent Jack Nicholson’s character does in “As Good As It Gets!”)

I am really looking forward to getting my Luna proposal sent out. I really think it has a fair to middling chance of making it out of the slush pile. Here’s hoping!!!


6 responses to “Productivity is Job One (Or Two or Three…but definitely in the Top Five…er Ten…Or So…)

  1. You should send it out tomorrow!
    Cause tomorrow is my birfday!
    And mine’s still in the Luna slush. Surely those double-whammy vibes could rub off, right?