TGIF (Even if it WAS only a 3 day Work Week)…

I may have been out sick from work for two days this week, but I am still wicked (tee hee) glad it’s Friday. It felt like a long week since I wasn’t getting much sleep even when I was home sick. Damn bouts of insomnia that seem to flair up mostly when I’m sick. You know, when my poor body needs sleep the most! Ah well, at last it’s Friday, beautiful Friday, and I get the next two days off work guilt-free. Yay!

Of course, I will be working on Vessel of Dreams like a fiend in order to get that proposal out the door on Monday (*pointed grin at Catie*). And Shawn and I need to clean up the apartment something fierce. But at least I can sleep in if I have any more trouble sleeping. Three cheers for sleep!

Speaking of VoD, I am really pleased with the way the rewrites are going. The story is much stronger and more interesting now (thanks in no small part to Catie!) and I feel much more positive about its chances at Luna now. Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed, but I really believe in this story and since it has seemed to be divinely touched, I really have faith that it’s going to be picked up eventually. I would prefer it to be by my first choice, though! Luna and Luna authors totally rock! =)

Tonight I hope to get much further into the rewrites of chapter three. The main character will be seeing the home where her mother grew up near Boston for the first time, and the outside of the house is immediately going to bring to mind the theme song from an old tv show she loved to watch…(Of course, since she’s 7 years younger than ME and I’m not old, she only caught the show on Nick at Nite. *laugh*) I have a scene later where her newly-discovered aunt is just blown away by the fact she has no idea what Cheers is. *snicker* Kids these days!

I’m no comedic genius but I do like to throw in touches of humor whenever possible. I’ll never make anybody bowl over in laughter, but hopefully I can bring on smiles and the occasional chuckle. =)


4 responses to “TGIF (Even if it WAS only a 3 day Work Week)…

    • Please sir…er, I mean ma’am…may I have another?! *wink*
      Speaking of which, do you think you’d have any time Sunday to look the proposal over once I have it put together? If not that’s totally cool, I just thought I’d ask since you’ve been so helpful to me!
      *goes back to working on the opening scene of chapter 3 in the other window* Shhh, don’t tell anyone at work what I’m doing! 😉 It’s not MY fault it’s slow today!