Raining and Pouring and Stuff…

Erg. When it rains, it pours. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so this morning I hopped around the ‘net to do some research. Had another of those “Aha!” moments (like with the anaphylaxis self-diagnosis) when I read through a lot of the symptoms. Frequent trips to the bathroom, check. My husband used to get frustrated with me because sometimes I’ll have to go every half hour, and when I do I HAVE to go! Was maddening on our honeymoon in Mexico. I explained to him I had no control over it and he got a lot better about it. Thirst, check. Tho I drink scads of water anyway. Fatigue for no apparent reason, check. Recurrent UTI’s (TMI, I know), check. I’ve had 2 of those in the last 5 months when I had never had any before. Tingling in hands and feet, check. I’ve noticed this recently, especially in the past couple of weeks.

Needless to say I will be bringing this up during my allergist visit tomorrow, and scheduling another visit to my regular doctor ASAP. And of course, dedicating myself hardcore to eating right, exercising often, and re-losing the weight I gained in addition to hopefully more!!! I may go back to the South Beach Diet for awhile, till I re-lose some weight and get this under control, assuming the doctor diagnoses me with diabetes or even pre-diabetes.

Sorry, I just had to rant about this. Trust me to develop two serious medical conditions in a relatively short period of time! Only the girl who had whooping cough in third grade despite being immunized against it!


I don’t have the heart right now to go into my thoughts on the election, politics, and how much my fellow Americans have downright disappointed me. Maybe later.


I am still working on the revisions to the first three chapters of VoD, and hope to get them done this weekend. And the protagonist for a new novel has walked up and introduced herself to me. I also have a perfectly wonderful first two paragraphs for her story worked out, that I just couldn’t resist jotting down while they were fresh, as well as a title that I’m pretty pleased with. Seeing as how I usually have trouble with openings, I’m pretty excited about this one. So, all in all, not bad!


One response to “Raining and Pouring and Stuff…

  1. Hey Kait!
    My mom grew up diabetic, which is rough. Finding out you’re diabetic when your older isn’t fun, but it could be worse. Generally, type 2 diabetes (which I think is what adult onset diabetes is called) is mostly controllable with good diet and exercise and maintaining a good weight. The steps you say you’re planning on taking sound good.
    Hang in there, and if you need a chat buddy for losing weight, let me know. I’ve been on weight watchers since last Dec., I’ve managed to lose 28 pounds (and have 27 more to go!).
    Eponin (Yes, Eponin from FM)