Your Love is Like…A Roller Coaster Baby, Baby, I Wanna Ride!

So Shawn and I enjoyed our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and our six-month wedding anniversary over the holiday break. It was nice to have 4 days off together for the holiday and anniversary. We didn’t really “celebrate” the anniversary (we really only celebrate “year” anniversaries), but we did remark on it and how fast the six months passed. It seems like we were just in Mexico yesterday…I wish we were there today! =)

I find myself torn between excitement and anxiety after having sent my book proposal into Luna on Friday. Natural I know. The certainty that the book is a strong one mixed with the uncertainty over whether the proposal conveys that. The hope that I will beat the odds of selling something my first time out mixed with the fear that I will be summarily rejected. The writing biz is such an emotional roller coaster, and I’ve only just hopped on the professional part of the ride! Ah well, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Writing at its best is such a high, and even when it’s at its worst it’s still pretty damned good.

We played a lot of World of Warcraft over the weekend. We are really loving this game so far. I think it has more staying power for our friends/guildmates than City of Heroes did. (That game was fun, don’t get me wrong, but it couldn’t hold the interest of the more serious gamers among us. You know, those who have tons and tons more time to game than I do!) I plan to take most of this week off from writing and enjoy this post-release period of the game before getting back to revisions on VoD. I figure by this weekend I’ll be ready to hop back into it.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I sure did–and I am so thankful for my wonderful friends, family, and all the blessings in my life. Especially my most excellent husband, Ted…er Bill…er, I mean Shawn!

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Six-Month Anniversary…and the Eagle Has Taken Off…

Hopefully the six-month anniversary magic dust will rub off on the Eagle…er, I mean the Luna proposal. I finished polishing it up about noonish, got distracted by my good friend Julie for a few hours, came home about 4, looked at the clock and went, “Oh shit, when does the post office close?” Shawn said, “5:00.” By then it was 4:30. I frantically printed out the proposal, cover letter, and synopsis, double-checked that all was in order, and we made it to the post office with 5 minutes to spare. Then of course I sealed up the big envelope without including a SASE, so the post lady opened it so I could stick an SASE in and re-seal it. The important thing is, however, that I DID remember it before mailing it and now it’s on its merry way.

Now I get to join in obsessing for months!

Not Quite There…

but almost there. Obviously I’m not going to rush the proposal into the mail today just to get it in the mail. I am going to do this right. =) So I will be working on it more tonight and tomorrow, and I will make a special trip to the post office on Friday to get it in the mail. It occurs to me that Friday is my husband and my six-month anniversary, so there _has_ to be good luck associated with mailing the proposal out on that day. =)

I was really groggy all day yesterday thanks to that sleeping pill. Luckily I didn’t need it last night. I fell asleep fairly quickly, about 10:00 or 10:30ish, and slept through till 6:30 when my alarm went off. For once I only hit snooze one time, which meant I was totally rushed to get out the door and catch my bus this morning. The procrastination thing…I’ve definitely gotta work on that.

I am off work for Thanksgiving both tomorrow and Friday, so tonight when I’m done baking cookies I will be writing, and tomorrow when I get home from Thanksgiving dinner with the family I will be writing, and if necessary on Friday I will write still more. Between all that I will definitely have the proposal polished up and good to go.

So don’t hurt me Catie. *cower*

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!!! Best wishes to you all. =)

Working for a Living…

kinda sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m exceedingly grateful to have such a great job and work with and for such great people. But I’m so tired right now it’s easy to forget that. We were absolutely _swamped_ yesterday, so I ended up working late a few hours. Normally that wouldn’t be so bad, but seeing as how I have had such trouble sleeping lately I was pretty damned tired by the time I got home. I was so afraid I might have trouble sleeping again (because the trouble sleeping does not mean I’m not tired as hell–just that I _can’t_ sleep) that hubby and I stopped at Walgreen’s to get an over-the-counter sleeping aid. It took awhile to kick in, but I suppose it worked cause it didn’t take me hours upon hours to fall asleep. Although this morning I find that I feel really groggy and not particularly well-rested, so I have mixed feelings about the success of the experiment.

Annnnnnywho, needless to say I didn’t get any writing done last night. However, I have high hopes for tonight. Although I’m a bit bummed since the new game we’re going to play comes out tonight and I won’t get to play it with hubby and friends till tomorrow. They get a one-day headstart on me!!! Ah well, I’ll survive. The writing definitely means more to me than any game. Even if it is World of Warcraft and tons of fun!

Okay, need to get back to work. And try to stay awake. And not be mean to everyone around me cause I’m so tired!

Productivity is Job One (Or Two or Three…but definitely in the Top Five…er Ten…Or So…)

The weekend was busy but productive. I finished revising the first three chapters of Vessel of Dreams on Saturday morning/early afternoon, and whipped (ha) it off to Catie. The rest of the weekend was spent Christmas shopping for Project Angel Tree (a charitable organization that gives gifts to children with one or both parents in prison–I am a personal shopper each year. The attorneys give me the money and I shop for 15-20 children. Lots of work but fun!), cleaning up, and running errands. Oh, and seeing Bridget Jones 2 with hubby and best friend. Catie generously looked over my proposal for Luna and got back to me with very helpful comments on the first three chapters.

Since it was so late by the time I got home and looked over Catie’s comments, I was unable to take an in-depth look at her comments/suggestions and implement most of them. That is on the agenda for tonight, after hubby and I get back from the gym. I want to finish revising the first three chapters as per Catie’s comments, and then get that baby in the mail tomorrow morning. I am battling my small quirk of OCD (I have a tiny bit of OCD revolving around even numbers – heh) by telling it that even though tomorrow is an odd-numbered date, that if you add up the month number 11 and tomorrow’s date number 23 you get a nice even number 34. So that’s all good and I won’t be cursed with automatic rejection by sending my proposal out on an odd numbered date.

Er…so…I just revealed that character flaw of mine…Um, I’m not insane, really! I actually manage my small OCD very well. And, well, it gives me an excuse to demand my husband never kiss me only once. Must be even numbers! MUST! (I am SOOO thankful that I don’t have OCD to the extent Jack Nicholson’s character does in “As Good As It Gets!”)

I am really looking forward to getting my Luna proposal sent out. I really think it has a fair to middling chance of making it out of the slush pile. Here’s hoping!!!

TGIF (Even if it WAS only a 3 day Work Week)…

I may have been out sick from work for two days this week, but I am still wicked (tee hee) glad it’s Friday. It felt like a long week since I wasn’t getting much sleep even when I was home sick. Damn bouts of insomnia that seem to flair up mostly when I’m sick. You know, when my poor body needs sleep the most! Ah well, at last it’s Friday, beautiful Friday, and I get the next two days off work guilt-free. Yay!

Of course, I will be working on Vessel of Dreams like a fiend in order to get that proposal out the door on Monday (*pointed grin at Catie*). And Shawn and I need to clean up the apartment something fierce. But at least I can sleep in if I have any more trouble sleeping. Three cheers for sleep!

Speaking of VoD, I am really pleased with the way the rewrites are going. The story is much stronger and more interesting now (thanks in no small part to Catie!) and I feel much more positive about its chances at Luna now. Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed, but I really believe in this story and since it has seemed to be divinely touched, I really have faith that it’s going to be picked up eventually. I would prefer it to be by my first choice, though! Luna and Luna authors totally rock! =)

Tonight I hope to get much further into the rewrites of chapter three. The main character will be seeing the home where her mother grew up near Boston for the first time, and the outside of the house is immediately going to bring to mind the theme song from an old tv show she loved to watch…(Of course, since she’s 7 years younger than ME and I’m not old, she only caught the show on Nick at Nite. *laugh*) I have a scene later where her newly-discovered aunt is just blown away by the fact she has no idea what Cheers is. *snicker* Kids these days!

I’m no comedic genius but I do like to throw in touches of humor whenever possible. I’ll never make anybody bowl over in laughter, but hopefully I can bring on smiles and the occasional chuckle. =)