The Joy and Pain of Writing…

Like everything else in this world of ours, writing is filled with both joy and pain. (Oh great–now that Rob Base song is running through my head. Joy…and pain. It’s like sunshine. And rain. Joy…pump, pump, pump it up…and pain. It’s like SUNSHINE! And rain!) Er…must catch my train of thought…Oh yes. Ahem. Writing is filled with boy joy and pain. The joy of creating something uniquely your own. The pain of opening that creation up for outside criticism. The joy of realizing that YES, you have an interesting story that is worth coaxing to fruition. The pain of realizing just how much more work is needed to accomplish that task. Joy and pain.

I’m being purposely melodramatic here, because it’s true. Writers–writers who have any chance at success in the publishing world, that is–engage in a roller coaster ride of both joy and pain each and every time they work on a new project. Is this plot worth pursuing? Are these characters worth listening to? Is my prose as perfect as it can be–or so purple it makes even ME sick? Doubt battles with confidence battles with fear battles with complete and utter paranoia. And yet–most of us wouldn’t trade it for anything.

NOTHING feels better than the euphoria that comes with reaching those two beautiful words in a current project–The End. (Well, at least not until you hear those even more beautiful words–your story is accepted. But that’s for another tale. One I’m unable to give firsthand knowledge of–yet.) Of course, most of us then transfer our fears and doubts on to the rewriting stage, but for that one perfect moment we feel a sense of achievement, a feeling that, at least for now, we are utterly fulfilled. It is truly a joyful moment.

And it is moments like these that keep us tapping away on our keyboards, or scribbling furiously in our notebooks. The moments when we realize that maybe we DO have a little bit of talent. Enough of a spark that we can nurture into a true blaze of creativity and imagination. That we can draw our readers into the worlds we have created, and make them truly care about the story and characters every bit as much as we do. Now THAT is true joy.


The lovely Catie (mizkit_feed) got back to me with her comments on my synopsis and first three chapters. Her comments were quite helpful and I think will really help me make Vessel of Dreams into a better story. My plan is to engage in a marathon of rewriting over the next few days. Obviously I won’t be sending my proposal out in time for my birthday (tomorrow), but hopefully I will be able to get it out the door on Monday or Tuesday. I am very excited about this. I know that it will be a pain having to go over the first three chapters yet again–but the joy of improving the story will more than compensate. Anything worth having is well worth working hard for. And anything worth doing is worth doing as well as you possibly can.


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    • *lol* Yes, I did write that after receiving your crit, but it was a topic that had been on my mind before that. Since I first started wrestling with rewrites actually. I mean, this is the first adult novel I’ve finished AND the first time I’ve actually done any serious revising beyond line edits. And it’s HARD! *rueful grin*